Evolution or revolution? Suspense builds for Wii 2

Nintendo fans rejoice: there may well be a new arrival in the group's family of consoles sooner than you think. Satoru Iwata, president of the Japanese computer games group that has been lauded for its ability to attract new waves of gamers, has admitted that the company is hard at work on a follow-up to the motion-sensing Wii.

However, the speculation that has followed Mr Iwata's hint demonstrates the interest in Nintendo's next offering.

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ChickeyCantor3629d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

" The ones who came into gaming with the Wii are going to become more demanding and Nintendo will not be able to fob them off with the level of graphics and processing it is offering in the Wii today"

The problem with this statement is that Nintendo did not promote Wii as a eye-candy product. They totally focused on "motion" gaming.
Those people will only demand hollywood visuals if Nintendo is hinting it out to them... i mean come on people loved their wii games on a BIGGER screen and most of you [typical] core gamers actually throw up thinking about that.

Also this is not news whatsoever. Said it before....this is nothing new or special it's happing in the MS and Sony department too(talking about new console projects).

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3628d ago

Very true Sidar.I also believe that the next consoles of Sony and Microsoft will not be revolution,merely evolution.

RememberThe3573628d ago

Companies looking toward the future? How revolutionary!

yesah3628d ago

"Playing with your head: some of Nintendo’s more imaginative fans have speculated that the next console will translate brain activity into movement"

there were already people working on this for a long time, so it may be true. IF so i will buy a WiiII

MaalDeJah3628d ago

True, but they haven't publicized thus giving Wii all the fame.

incogneato3628d ago

evolution or revolution? neither. just more milking consumers with crappy gimmicks and quirky marketing. Nintendo = Apple Junior

Cenobia3628d ago

That sort of came off as a fanboy comment (or just hatred for the console), but there is actually a lot of truth to that. What other console has so many different controllers? First they give you the Wii-mote with the Wii, at which point you realize you need the nunchuck. Then they come out with the WiiFit balance board which more and more games will be using. Now they even add the Wii-motion plus so the Wii-mote will work like it was supposed to originally. You also need the Classic controller, and will most likely want some gamecube controllers as well. Plus, since the Wii is a good multiplayer console you're gonna want 3 more of each. There is more peripherals attached to this machine then any other console ever.

And what if you want Guitar Hero and Rockband? Good God, you'll need an entire room.

I don't hate the Wii, but I'll never own one because of all the extra crap you have to buy. I also prefer a standard controller, but Nintendo's sales show that isn't a common opinion.

Sarick3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

These technologies require more CPU power and software then Nintendo normally gos for.

Look at the Wii it's not exactly cutting edge technology. Why would they make something revolutionary and technologically advanced when they didn't add hd-dvd, blu-ray, a next gen cpu, hdd, or even an hdmi output on the Wii?


Voiceofreason3628d ago

You dont have to buy anything dude, the only games they are required for are the ones they come with. Anything else offers alternate control schemes. BTW the Wii comes with a Wii remote and nunchuk, so you do not have to go buy another Nunuck just to play.

Torch3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

"I regret buying the Wii now"

Count me in...

Well, sort of.

In retrospect, I definitely wouldn't have bought one. But now that I own one (since launch), I can't get myself to sell the damn thing, even though my archaic VCR gets more use.

Probably just the pack-rat in me. I keep telling myself that, one day, I WILL play that copy of Zelda TP that's been collecting dust alongside the little white box.


FantasyStar3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Twilight Princess has its moments. Hell I'm trying to get myself to play Resident Evil 4 Wii ever since I got it. I have a bunch of Wii games I didn't play yet.....but I always seem to be going back to my PS3 because looks better and plays better. (IMO)

I want to at least play all of my Wii games before I think of selling it. Honestly the only reason I'm still holding onto my Wii because my younger siblings like it. I don't think even Wii Motion Plus will make up for the abundant shovelware on the Wii and lack of hardcore games for a gamer like myself.

jtucker783628d ago

I'm with you guys, but I sold mine already. Bought a PS3.

Beat Zelda TP with almost all heart pieces and not quite all the Pos.
Was a good game, but the same game it's been since Ocarina.

Beat Galaxy too. Galaxy was brilliant. That is the only game that came out on Wii that would still have got a AAA score if it had come out on the PS3 or 360. All the other Wii games score well ... for a Wii.

Metroid - great controls. But seriously ... controls are a game's interface. Sure you want your responses to seamlessly interact with the game in front of you, but that doesn't help if the game looks and plays just like it did at the start of last generation. Metroid is a pretty pathetic effort for a shooter this generation. Although it is good compared to the other games you get on a Wii.

Sell your Wii now. The conduit is coming out soon, but considering the F-P-Shooters that the 360 and PS3 have coming out. Is it worth waiting for the poor man's shooter?
Watch the Resistance 2 trailer with all those baddies running at you at once, the huge monsters and space ships filling the sky. Now look at The Conduit with one or two baddies on screen at once, running around in front of crude blocky buildings.
I'm sure the game will be good for a Wii, but for this generation?

I know what all you Wii fans will say: it's all about how you control a game.
No. It isn't. It's all about the game. The game is the most important part. How you interface is supposed to be seamless, and is only a factor when it doesn't work properly.

ChickeyCantor3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Controls are a part of the game, if you have a bad control scheme you wont be playing now would you?

so saying " and is only a factor when it doesn't work properly." is utterly BS.
And you know it.
A control scheme is setup trough trial and error making the game as accessible and easy for the gamers. They are a part of the design of the game.

I was never a big fan of FPS games, i only liked Halo2 online( but still love Doom).
After playing Metroid prime 3 i can honestly say that i'm excited about future FPS games on the Wii.

The control's do play a big roll, i honestly do not want to play the PS3 or 360 FPS games simply because of the controllers.

In my opinion dual analog wont do it anymore and to me they have a bad control scheme "now" in your opinion i should not play those upcoming PS3/360 games.

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Rourker3628d ago

do not want a brain controlled system. no thank you, I'll stick with a pad. I do however want better game play, visuals, and stories next gen. but nintendo seems to only think about the gameplay. I believe if you keep the three main things (game play, visuals, and stories) all evolving at a decent rate games will get better and better you don't need to revolutionize the control mechanics, if it ain't broke don't fix it, and game pads have worked since the dawn of consoles so why bother changing the formula (excluding the original Xbox controller :P) this is however my opinion

the fourth main thing is online, but I didn't include it because by game I mean the campaign mode, however, the online needs to evolve just as well as the rest of the game.

and all companies are in R&D for there next console, why does this count as news? not to mention I've read that first paragraph about 4 times today on N4G in various stories.

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