Review: Stella Glow (Nintendo 3DS) - Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded: Stella Glow is Imageepoch’s swan song. Heartbreaking as it is to see yet another set of capable creative minds disbanded, it’s the most apt tune the company could have composed to go out on. It’s a game that brings the company full circle; Imageepoch kicked off with the niche but stellar tactics RPG title, Luminous Arc, and its final release is an equally positioned tactics RPG. There’s a number of other obvious connections; both Luminous Arc and Stella Glow were new IPs that landed on a Nintendo portable and follow the same gameplay general formulas. One has to believe the designers at every level knew this would be their last ride because Stella Glow offers such unadulterated respect to not just tactics games but the Japanese entertainment industry at large.

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