The DLC Dilemma

Many hot-button topics exist within the gaming community. One of the more volatile issues, however, rivaled only by Gamergate and microtransactions (future topic, perhaps) is downloadable content. Buying games is an already expensive hobby with your average AAA title asking your wallet for around sixty U.S. dollars. Naturally, consumers are becoming hugely pensive toward the alarming rate of incoming DLC promised with each new title. The question is: what makes DLC bad, and can it ever be done well?

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joab7771123d ago

I liked the idea of how TW3 did post dlc. It gave you something to look forward to. And the paid dlc was definitely worth it. I love extra content for games post launch. It allows devs like Bethesda to bring you to different places or give new stories etc.

Obviously, not everyone used dlc for this purpose. Skins etc. should be free post launch of you pay for the game. And dlc should be considerable. For example, BB is coming out w dlc soon and I can't wait for it. We all know thought that this dlc was made after the launch and used to expand the story.