TrustedReviews: Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Review

Jonathan Bray from TrustedReviews writes:

"For a long time I viewed browsing the web on a mobile phone with scepticism. I couldn't see how you could get even close on a 240 x 320 or smaller screen to a laptop or desktop experience. All of my experiences over the years, first with the ill-fated WAP, then with the walled gardens of the early Mobile Web on 3, and more recently with website developers producing alternative, mobile versions of their websites.

Then the Apple iPhone came along and changed everything. The developers at Apple not only produced a desirable piece of hardware with a great touch-driven interface, but also - at the same time - the first ever usable, fully functioning web browser. Hallelujah! It could be done and it put to shame the woeful browsers - I'm thinking Pocket Internet Explorer here specifically - we'd been putting up with on our smartphones all this time."

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