Fallout 4: Five Simple Combat Tips for Beginners

COG writes - Jumping into Fallout 4 as a rookie can be tough. If the raiders don't get you, the Deathclaws will... unless you follow these 5 simple tips for early success.

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Paulhammer1121d ago

Great tips, I could see a beginner being SO overwhelmed by this game.

GrapesOfRaf1121d ago

The bash tip is solid, especially for when you get surrounded by a bunch of smaller enemies.

D3TH_D33LR1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Good guide. Although I thought the best strategy against deathclaws were to slow them down by shooting their legs with a laser weapon preferably.

Another tip is to use your Chems through your pip boy when things get hairy with multiple enemies or legendaries. Aid items like Med-X and psycho help a lot. Jet is great too.

Christopher1121d ago

Umm... do not hide behind cars when fighting a deathclaw or similarly oversized opponent. They can and will flip that car at you and you will die in one hit.