CHEAT: Tips to prepare for battle in Zelda II and Bayou Billy

Revealing some long-held secret tips on two of the toughest 8-bit classics.

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joab7771098d ago

Zelda 2 is one of my greatest childhood memories b/c of its difficulty. Obviously I remember getting a Nintendo and the gold original Zelda...

But I waited so long for Zelda 2, and it was amazing.

DivineAssault 1098d ago

Zelda 2 was tough.. I needed a strategy guide for some parts that were impossible to figure out


I'd love an arcade remake of this game.

jayzablade1098d ago

Bayou Billy has to be 1 of, if not thee hardest game I've ever played...think I was around 9/10 when I first got it. Might fire the NES up one night soon and see if it's as hard as I actually remember!!