Destiny has no respect for play time

GameZone: "Price-change refunds are great, aren’t they? You pick up a new something ahead of the holidays, the price on it drops a few days later and, as long as your purchase is still within the return period, you can usually collect the difference. This makes people feel confident buying early, knowing that their money won’t be wasted. It’s a nice bit of buyer protection to lean on in sale season, a time of rapidly changing prices. It’s also a practice Bungie should learn to implement in Destiny."

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SilverClock1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I don't see why they shouldn't reward the players who went through all that effort and time and didn't get anything worth showing for it. It wouldn't be very hard at all for Bungie to do, and would help your customer relations and help them have a good reputation. They're the ones who messed up and they should atone for it.