The mad nonsense of Star Wars Battlefront's Darth Vader

VideoGamer: "Battlefront is extraordinarily faithful to Star Wars' original trilogy, so why is Darth Vader's voice acting so bad?

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MasterCornholio1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Because the actor isnt the Darth Vader that they were looking for.

I dont think its that bad.

Bismarn1126d ago

No its actually pretty bad. Love the game but since you play as Vader as you're installing its the first thing I noticed.

Also is it just me or is Leia the strongest hero by FAR? She's basically a repeating blaster that is hard to kill, while everyone else has single shot guns or must get close.

MCTJim1126d ago

Because James Earl Jones was too expensive? is currently contracted to Disney for Star Wars Rebels? Is currently finishing up the latest installment and did not have the time to commit to Dice?

Lighter91126d ago

He owns a copyright on his voice.. HIS VOICE! crazy

Mega241126d ago

People complaining for the sake of complaining again. I don't really see the deal, so he doesn't sound 100% like James Earl Jones, sounds pretty close.

zerocarnage1126d ago

Not all that bothered, yeah it would of been sweet if they could get the characters voices done rite, but really it doesnt matter, especially when your knee deep in all the lazer fire. That being said, i played the 10 hour trial, kill my time in the second day, i felt so pissed like id been banned from a game by my mum n i was a kid again, i felt like that because i relised how amazing the game is once you have it all at your disposal.

The game does need alot of dlc, glad we got season pass between me n my mate how shares games on xbox one, game is stunning and not a framerate issud in site, before any report it as there is.

Star wars battlefront is one smooth playing action packed ride to an amazing feeling from the old days. Despite the odd annoyances of things not being there from the last games, like no AI, no walking the AT-AT'S up yourself n multiple players manning them, to the planetary mode, that had negative or good affects depending whether your side won/lost, despite those that could be addressed, battlefront is fun all round..

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