Blend Games: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Review

Blend Games writes: "It doesn't seem possible to recreate the magic of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. Dual stick shooters have come and went since the OG's release that launched both LIVE and Achievements into the souls of us gamers. Most have been crap, let's be honest. Even Waves and Galaxies passed by with barely a blip on the radar. So now Bizarre Creations was tasked with making Retro Evolved 2 even more evolved and interesting than the first. In just about every way imaginable Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 is an improvement over the original and earns its price tag. This isn't more of the same.

The game starts you off with only Deadline mode available in single player. It's here where you should start groaning. What unreasonable amount of points must I get to finally unlock all six modes? Instead what Bizarre has done is forced you to taste each mode for a brief time. Sitting down to unlock the modes in Geo Wars 2 is a bit like sitting down for dinner at a chef's table. You get to enjoy each course to its fullest, but you're not overstuffed before the Stilton cheesecake is served for dessert. Making the player only have to run through a mode a handful of times ( I unlocked the entire game in about 15-20 minutes) to move on is brilliant."

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