The Fallout 4 Mod Wishlist

Mods are a big part of the Fallout series and in Fallout 4 the possibility to change the game for the better is endless.

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Nero21421124d ago

Pick your own settlement zone mod , there are so many cool places in wasteland but we have to stick to developer prebuild zones . also ''clean this shit '' mod would be great , where you can clean , fix buildings to their pre warr state

joab7771124d ago

Mods are awesome. I want Bethesda to add even more to the settlement building. Maybe a dlc that allows for finding experts who can make better materials.

And an overview is a necessity. Obviously, the more they add to this aspect, and ppl will be playing this game forever.

Eldyraen1124d ago

That would be nice as well but more object types will be great too. And a snap to grid toggle if possible to make them just how you want things (walls are a pain sometimes if you don't want a right angle).

A Settlement Building Mod Pack should be on a few modders list though as its a fun meta game for many of us and bet some modders see the potential already for it. More objects and the toggle would let creative people go nuts without having to be modders themselves.

I wouldn't mind more semi circles too as most everything is a straight line or 90 degree angle.

cfc781124d ago

Dirt bike mod would be my top choice.

joab7771124d ago

I agree. Forget cars etc. But there's got to be a mechanic out there that can build a working motorcycle.

Also, bullets. I know the balance would be off who knows.

And as the writer wrote, a true survival mode. I started on very hard, and I've died a bunch, but I will only get much stronger.

Lighter91124d ago

Have you tried Survival Mode?

cfc781124d ago

Im on survival mode now and it's ok but it really lacks what hardcore mode did so well.(hope it gets a mod)

Shuckylad1124d ago

I just want the game to work with my 144hz g-sync monitor correctly before I use any mods.

brokenbracket1124d ago

Judge Dredd armor for the main character, not for the armor power suit, because that wouldn't make sense obviously lol. But I've wanted someone to do a Judge Dredd armor mod for a bunch of games, and this one just seems perfect.

It'd also be cool if we could get some vehicles... not sure if they have vehicles in the game already though, haven't gotten that far into it yet.

gangsta_red1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Automatic Junk destruction!!

Thank you, this is a must.

Collecting junk is such a departure for this series because I have been conditioned from Fallout 3 and New Vegas to stay away from dinner plates, burnt books and other items that were all over the place but useless.

Lighter91124d ago

But junk is a lot more useful in FO4, mainly because you can scrap them for materials... and the other reason. Let's just say you can use junk in a similar manner that you could in FO3.

gangsta_red1124d ago

Oh yea, I realize the scrapping part now, but for the first hour in the game I was passing up a lot of things in order to watch weight and inventory space.

I'm assuming you are referring to the weapon that hurls junk, never really used that type of weapon in F3 but maybe now in this game it might be 100x more useful.

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