Rainbow Six: Siege Adds More Micro-Transactions, More Issues Arise

Pixelgate writes:

''It honestly feels like Ubisoft just can’t help themselves these days. Early last week I looked at the issues surrounding Rainbow Six: Siege’s season pass. The pay-to-win nature of the pass conflicted with Ubisoft’s claim that there would be no split between non-pass holders and pass holders. After looking into the finer details of the pass, Ubisoft’s claims were revealed to be less than honest.''

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TwoForce1099d ago

Oh my god ! Stop with that BS ! That's why i don't like game have Microtransaction that just insult the fan base.

PixelGateUk1099d ago

The whole 'Free content for a year!' thing has lost it's edge now with these transactions and the season pass. Who really want's to grind for ten hours for a operator they might not even end up liking?

DillyDilly1099d ago

First no Campaign & now this jeez

Chaosdreams1099d ago

The game is dead before it even hits the shelf.

LamerTamer1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Well people do it to themselves, they fall for this crap. If gamers didn't pay for these they wouldn't have a reason to do it. There was an article on how gamers were lapping up microtransactions and DLC for COD and couldn't get enough.

Don't blame the companies for going for the easy money, blame yourself for buying it. Gamers that just can't help themselves are ruining gaming. Pretty soon all games will be doing this and all games will then be always online.

81BX1099d ago

Ummm well, not getting this now

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