Xbox marketing head reveals Xbox One's 'most important measure of success'

For Microsoft, they have a variety of measurements when it comes to the Xbox One's success and you might be surprised by what they view as the "most important measure of success."

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2pacalypsenow1128d ago

In other words if you're not beating your competition, then change your rules and pretend the whole league plays by them.

Funny last gen all they talked about was sales and how they are were beating the Ps3

Bigpappy1128d ago

I think they are aware that out selling PS4 is not attainable, so it makes sense to focus on something else. Don't see what is flawed about that.

SpaceRanger1128d ago

There's nothing flawed about it. It's the fact that some of the MS execs (not all) change their tune the moment they score a month of taking NPD. They don't even give it a second thought.

It's a textbook definition of being hypocritical.

TheCommentator1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

It's about the order of importance, and spending energy just to win in sales is not as important as things like games, features, and value. It's more relevant to focus on becoming a better company first, but of course sales still matter.

Besides all that, if Sony can gloat about crap like Tomb Raider sales, Aaron Greenberg can gloat about console sales. Both sides can be really petty at times.

SpaceRanger1128d ago

I remember last gen on this site it was all sales. Any time someone mentioned exclusives all you'd hear was "exclusives don't matter" from the Xbox camp (it was all about COD marketing). These Xbox marketing guys had no problem yelling out sales figures each month.

Sony was pumping out exclusives left and right. And now the tune has changed for them. Exclusives all of a sudden matter and sales don't on Xbox lol I wonder if they realize it's possible to have both?

Good thing there's no moving goal posts or focus with Sony. I bought this console for games and games only. Couldn't be more satisfied in my opinion!

UltraNova1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I wonder what songs they'll sing come 2016 when Sony starts pumping their megaton exclusives left and right until the end of this gen, all while leading sales on a 2:1 ratio.

Yeah I think its safe to say that from 2016 team Green (xbox) will go radio silence on us, for a long long time.

AngelicIceDiamond1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Can't argue with this.

"I bought this console for games and games only."

Can't argue with that either. I bought my console for its game offerings as well.

EDIT: @Nova "Yeah I think its safe to say that from 2016 team Green (xbox) will go radio silence on us, for a long long time."

To the ones that really care I suppose. Someone like me will be playin allot of games just like you in 20116 as well.

Why o why1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Bro...I was here/there.... I'd never realised how important some people cherished sales until I joined n4g

I swear.....if i used n4g logic it would have been impossible to enjoy anything that didn't hit halo numbers....gamecube....forget about it, okami....must be crap...

It was dumb as 98 percent of commenters received zilch from any of the players in regards to shares or whatever

Arghhh... the 'exclusives don't matter' narrative. ..the worst crock of apologetic s### I've ever heard often backed up by said sales and came about when the xbox had little exclusives to tout. I still remember some claiming the os3 had 'no games'... lol Flip flops. Not all were like that so I'm not trying to tar all xbox fans with the same brush but I laugh at those who used to laud npd whilst ignoring the rest of the world but now scream foul.... not you Angelic Ice....I don't remember you all up in it like some. Truth is I'm perfectly fine with people who have different opinions and preferences as long as they aren't talking s###, spreading misinformation or constantly being a hypocrite.

Ps fans shouldn't champion npd over anything else either, especially games. I much prefer banter and discussions over games, graphics, exclusives. They were happening since forever.

Automatic791127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )


But the same can be said this generation. PS players have changed there tune as well. I remember when paying for online was bad, having no games was bad, having Call of Duty was bad, sales don't matter conversation's. Please spare me your hypocritical nonsense. Measuring success, specifically, with consoles comes down to the games. Disagree all you want but next year is going to be huge for both more games bigger third parties and continued support for the titles out now.

ScaReCrow901127d ago

Only flaw in you assessment is the Xbox has been pumping console exclusives from the start this gen. It had so many in the beginnning the only draught was this year until now.
I have the PlayStation as well and only bought it for exclusives. Not Indies or multiplats. So far I've been slightly disappointed.

I've had more fun playing ori and halo5 then I've had with any other game this year. Except for the witcher.

Why o why1126d ago

Mr lito

Paying for online still sucks even though I was paying for ps+ since it started, and you left out the part where xbox fans downplayed ps plus but are now in comparison articles lauding g4g games...

Having no games still sucks but whos had no games.....this notion of holiday>rest of the year some are clinging to is nothing more than deflection. How can the 3 months at the end of the year be more important than majority of the year.

Cod deal....Wont argue with you on that, it just seems sony took a leaf outof ms's book.. nothing to boast about

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kraenk121127d ago

Except for the U.S. and UK the 360 was never beating the PS3 though.

NeoGamer2321127d ago

Console sales mean next to nothing. That is a fact.

The Wii was the best selling console last generation. But, it never had near the attach rate that X360 and PS3 had. And really never brought the core gaming crowd to it.

Microsoft is completely right in changing the measure of success because it was always wrong to begin with. Console vendors don't make their money purely on the hardware. They the money on their hardware, accessory, media, royalties, and network sales and most of those are driven by engagement of the customer in the experience.

2pacalypsenow1127d ago

Actually they mean more than you think. Why do you think Playstation lost so many exclusive deals with GTA,Tekken,Final Fantasy, Devil May cry? because how poorly the Ps3 was selling compared to Xbox 360. Console sales affect gamers since it could mean an exclusive deal for your console of choice

NeoGamer2321127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I'm not sure what planet you are from. But there were three reason PS3 lost exclusives. They were:

1) Microsoft spent a lot of money to get developers to make their games on 360. (Rumor had it that MS paid $50 million to ensure GTA IV was a first class citizen on 360).

2) Microsoft had a better architecture on 360 than the proprietary architecture of the Cell processor on PS3, so developers flocked to it... In much the same way developers flocked to PS4 this gen and shunned ESRAM.

3) Microsoft had the policy of release simultaneously on 360 or risk not being able to release on 360 ever.

I don't think console sales played in it as much as MS captured core gamers early and hooked them to 360. Developers could not afford to have their games skip 360 because there was a highly engaged audience that bought games on 360.

If your console sales theory is true than why did so many 3rd parties abandon the Wii and Wii U? Simple. The audience on the Wii, though large was not buying typical core games. The Wii sold just about as much as 360 and PS3 combined yet could not hold onto 3rd party support.

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DigitalRaptor1128d ago

This is practically the definition of damage control.

So now it's "engagement", an arbitrary word and signifier, that they are using to deflect the fact that they are losing monumentally to the competition in a generation where they expected to be dominating. It's difficult to see defeat in the eyes of multi-billion dollar corporations, but this goalpost moving is unprecedented and incredibly obvious.

BadBoyC1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

It's either "There's more engagment on our console" to "Microsoft has more money than Sony" to "Sony is broke". People in the Xbox camp are always trying to deflect from the main topic at hand by changing the subject and moving goal post's as to why Sony isn't really winning the console war and it's quite sad to see that people refuse to accept and come to grips with reality.

When Nintendo was winning last gen I didn't sit here and say "well how many gamers out of 100+ million people bought Wii consoles?" There's no point, 100+ million is a 100+ million sold. I didn't move goal post's or create stupid metrics like that. I accepted it and moved on. If Microsoft was winning I'd take the same approach.

The PS4 has sold more than the Xbox One so Sony is winning the console war/race and Sony is winning by such a huge lead that Microsoft isn't even giving their sales figures anymore Microsoft is losing, Sony is winning. It's as simple as that. Just like you and Apocalypse pointed out, people like this Xbox exec, creating these stupid metrics and moving goal post's is not going to change that.

Well said, both of you guys btw. + 1

Apocalypse Shadow1128d ago

And this is exactly what I was talking about in the ridiculous "who is winning the BC race" thread.

Creating new metrics to give yourself a win doesn't mean you're winning.In fact,you are losing.

When Sony was getting outsold in America last gen(not worldwide mind you) based on NPD sales between ps3 and xbox360, Sony created other useless metrics that didn't matter to save face. This is a save face move. Either you are winning or you are losing.

In children's football(soccer),the winning team gets a trophy.the losing team used to get they hand out ribbons for "participation." That teaches kids nothing about win and loss.we are not talking about sportsmanship.

Either you are winning the game or you are not.don't give yourself a trophy for how many times your team "kicked the ball."

Don't know how to make this any simpler.stop making useless metrics.and I'm not just talking about Microsoft.

Volkama1128d ago

Are they claiming to be winning? Have they implied at any point that their engagement levels are higher than Sony's?

You could say that they are avoiding direct comparison, but then there is nothing to stop Sony coming out with their own engagement figure twice as high so that probably wouldn't be a smart way to spin things.

Maybe they measure engagement because it is actually the most important metric? After all, if you look through the PR-friendly terminology they are essentially trying to measure "number of people we can sell stuff to". Sounds like a pretty valid Microsoft metric when you put it that way...

_-EDMIX-_1128d ago

lol, classic goalpost moving huh?

Rookie_Monster1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

what does this all means? I don't get it and how does it affect us as gamers? It doesn't.

All I know is MS is doing the right thing for its fanbase with the new release of NXE with highly requested features like BC, and supplied great games from Rare Replay, Gears Ultimate, Forza 6, Halo 5, to Tomb raider for us XB1 owners with another huge update in February that will include things like Cortana and background music. Whatever you are doing on XB1, MS, continue the great work.

strickers1128d ago

And being their bread and butter is some people's life choice. Oh well.

Why o why1128d ago

What it seems like is despite what you stated which is spot on, goalposts are being shifted due to ms's position. This is made more apparent by their ways of last gen which were quite different.

Ms is improving the xbox and its a shadow of its former self in a good way. Waaaay more appealing to neutrals than pre launch.

Maybe its best just to keep quiet than admit barometers are being changed.

Volkama1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

"Engagement" is the ultimate metric if you are looking at potential to sell software, services, micro-transactions and such. It is the number of people in the shop.

The biggest value or use for reporting on sales is actually the same, it is an indication of the size of the audience to sell to. Revenue on the hardware itself is a secondary factor to that.

With Microsoft moving towards a shared Windows store the "engagement" metric actually does make more sense than console sales.

Having said that, engagement being a valuable statistic is not a legit reason to stop sharing sales figures. So there is definitely a strong sense of damage control in there as well. Engagement is a statistic for the decision makers and investors to consider, rather than a measure of success. The chest-beaters seem to have surrendered.

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