Fallout 4: How to easily defeat Power Armor wearing enemies

GearNuke writes: "Enemies wearing Power Armors in Fallout 4 can be really difficult to defeat now that Bethesda has made the Power Armor really powerful compared to previous games."

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Christopher1095d ago

Pick pocket fusion core, kill person as they exit, steal power armor. Best way to defeat a power armor wearing enemy in the whole game.

SolidGear31095d ago

Gonna have to try this :3

ziggurcat1095d ago

I have yet to get the opportunity to sneak up on anyone wearing power armour... but that's a hilarious way to beat them!

Christopher1095d ago

There are two raiders wearing power armor in Lexington in the top of two different buildings that you can do this to.

Which reminds me how stupid it is that we are "stealing" from raiders. One thing I don't understand with Bethesda games is why they consider that stealing. I can loot their dead bodies and it's not stealing or the items in their area, but taking the power armor they were wearing is stealing?