Cloud Strife: The Ultimate (Unofficial) Smash 4 Move Breakdown

Finally, the move breakdown guide to Cloud Strife in Smash 4... as told by one of our Smash fanatics, J Chou!

What do you think about his move set? Worth a few bucks for the DLC?

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ChouDa1043d ago

Foaming at the mouth waiting for this ridiculous piece of news to turn into something real. But the breakdown make me think Ike... on most moves. Maybe even a better Ike?

ConsoleFanboy1043d ago

I agree. Cloud looks awesome. Still in shock!

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MPScrimshaw1043d ago

Don't really understand why Cloud is even in this game. He's not a Nintendo character, and has never appeared on anything on a Nintendo console. Also, he's Cloud....who cares?

user89668281043d ago

Actually cloud has been in a couple of the handheld games

ZeroSkerbo1043d ago

I'm so stoked for this character. Im curious if the limit break is his B or if its controlled by how much damage he takes, Lucario style?

shocked6861043d ago

This is a great breakdown. I can pretty much agree on all points. Really excited to give him a try whenever he comes out.

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