Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster - Twenty minutes of PS4 gameplay

After 13 years, Resident Evil Zero returns to consoles in January. The re-release has, of course, had a bit of a visual upgrade, but rather than tell you how it stacks up, here are twenty minutes of gameplay to let you decide for yourself. All aboard.

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NightingaleSilva1100d ago

Man, I can't wait for this remake! :3

Good-Smurf1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Remaster,It would be awesome to remake RE0 but Capcom now as a whole is still on the "return to basics" phase so no I don't think they can remake it for now.

NightingaleSilva1099d ago

Yeah, remaster, lol... I was half asleep still when I commented... Pre-coffee stage XD

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

I can't either, its a remastering not a remake. Some things are being redone in terms of the models, some are being uprezed etc.

Resident Evil 2 is the only RE currently being remade.

NightingaleSilva1099d ago

Yeah, I meant remaster... it was early, my brain was still waking up XD

DarkOcelet1100d ago

Imagine if Rebecca came in Resident Evil 7. I think she could look similar to Kara from Detroid.


On Topic: Day 1.

Good-Smurf1100d ago

I still haven't finish the Wii version,still a sure buy.
The fixed 4:3 aspect ratio on Wii version really ruined it for me.
One of the game in the series that more people should try it's really underrated.

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

Agreed, thats one of my favorite Resident Evil's! Love that you could drop items and the 2 man puzzles. An easy day 1!

Smokingunz1099d ago

Looks the same as it did on the gamecube to me,no difference.

Skate-AK1099d ago

There is a big difference. You have a case of the rose tinted glasses. You should check out a comparison.

ironcrow23861099d ago

Sadly never got to play this on GC hope its as good as people say ☺