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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Elite Dangerous is a massively rich, complex, and evolving space simulator. With stunning graphics, liquid-smooth 60 FPS action, and a range of missions to satisfy every style of gameplay, Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One proves that even the most sophisticated simulators have a place on the home console. Suit up fellow space junkies, Elite: Dangerous is here to stay in a powerful way.

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etownone1100d ago

I might have to give this game another try.

I played the beta months back, lost interest quick cause too much to learn, and I basickslly sucked.

Dinkis1100d ago

I have put I'd say about 27 days on this game lol. Yes a lot to learn but I'd say jump in with some ppl who have been playing its a blast. Right now I'm taking a break because of Halo5 and fallout4 but will always play it.
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itsmebryan1100d ago

I got it on pc when it went on sale and I still haven't got around to playing yet. I even got a new flight stick for it but, between the games on my Xbox and PC I haven't been able to find the time. I guess that is a good