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Gareth writes "When I first heard I was reviewing Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition I thought I might be, by the sound of the title, viewing a late night dirty movie on Channel 5. Luckily for all of us concerned it’s not anything like that. Unlike soft pornography this game reminds me of the past in a fond way, harking back to the grand old days of games like “Baldur’s Gate” and early “Diablo” efforts. A tabletop RPG adventure where you control the usual suspects of magic, sword and might to compete in turn based dungeon and dragon adventures."

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oKidUKo1122d ago

Surprisingly sounds pretty good, I prejudged expecting some budget title rubbish.

someOnecalled1122d ago

Most people on this site do that with pc games. Now they will be praising how great this game is since its multiplat like they always do with pc ports.

Smh they hate when its pc exclusive but love when it get ported.

jznrpg1122d ago

I really want to play this but It will sit for awhile since I am knee deep into Fallout right now. I bought it full price just to support it.

Tex1171122d ago

This game is excellent, and while I'm playing Fallout 4 while on the hype train, I keep thinking more about this game.