The Best Weapon in Fallout 4 Is…

Vgamerz writes: "Fallout 4 comes with nearly limitless weapon combinations thanks to the new weapon modding feature that Bethesda implemented, but the truth is that most of the weapons in the game, even with the best mods installed, are not useful at all. Therefore, we decided to check out all the weapons in the game and find out which is the best weapon in Fallout 4."

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metalgod881098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

I was kind of hoping this article would provide the strongest weapon in the game from a curiosity standpoint. I don't own fallout 4 yet. Still waiting on some patches to get pushed in, but its interesting to hear that there are so many weapon combinations, yet they still seem to be useless.

wakeNbake1098d ago

Get the RockVille Slugger for 1000 caps in Diamond City, trust me you will save a ton of ammo.

Tzuno1097d ago

Best weapon in fallout 4 is one with infinite ammunition more to the point "a non automatic rifle" the power of rifles in this game is insane just upgrade rifle perk to max and enjoy the bloody show.

1097d ago
Psychonaut1097d ago

The BEST weapon I have come across is: go to Diamond City, visit the doctor, buy his needle rifle. Make the explosive needles, then go into your perks and upgrade "Bloody Mess Perk." The gun becomes a precision explosive that when active with the perk means when you explode your target HE will in turn cause anyone else around him to also explode. Its a beast gun but must be used when no Good NPC can be caught in the chain explosion. Another is the Brotherhood of Steel Laser rifle, if u make the science, gun nut, and laser perks u have a walking gun of doom. max its damage, then decide if ur going for automatic or precision. I suggest automatic mainly if u attach the burning ontop of that then your causing double damage ONTOP of the burning damage. (those are my two current guns im using besides my ADVANCED-Silenced-10mm for stealth, and a good old sawed off shotgun for the upclose VATS critical hits).