‘Fallout 4’ DLC Coming Out Next Year, Bethesda Says Fans Will Shape Future Content

Fallout 4 is on fire breaking records and even parts of the Internet. Todd Howard, Fallout 4 game director, continues to fan those flames, teasing a post-launch expansion pack.

Surpassing previous sales records and even causing drastic drops in traffic to popular adult video websites, Fallout 4 will no doubt continue to make waves with its first upcoming downloadable content (DLC), which has many gamers eagerly anticipating its release early next year.

Because the game was just launched, Bethesda wants players to explore Fallout 4's expansive Commonwealth first before its developers finalize what gets included in the game's expansion packs.

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ThunderPulse1125d ago

I hope they add a forest area to the map with lots of trees and cabins.

Paytaa1125d ago

A DLC featured in New Hampshire or Western Mass near the Appalachian Mountains would be really cool.

Summons751125d ago

Yeah it would...but I'm bias since Western Mass and the Appalachian Mountain/trail area is my home.

Livecustoms1125d ago

its set after a nuke went off, and you want to see a forest ? wtf lol

ThunderPulse1125d ago

I want to see Smokey the Yuai Gui using a flamethrower.

cyclindk1125d ago

Yeah for sure. Where is the Aquatic shelter already?! Or the secret moon base. Or attacking those damn Martians on their home turf! Not to mention halting the Nazi power-army parachuting down from zeplins. Plus, I need a mech.


can't wait for any and all dlc for fallout 4

Apocalypze1125d ago

I want more guns and settlements customization! More perks! Shit help me out fans! Ran out of ideas

-Foxtrot1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Hope they add new crafting stuff for settlements.

I know it's Fallout and things can't look amazing but it would be nice if over time you can get your settlement people to repair buildings to get them looking really good again. Like in Sanctuary why can't you just build a home on those empty lots which look like the other homes in the area. Over things don't really fit on them that well.

For example I could tell Sturges to start repairing the Sole Survivors home, he would then say it would take XXXX materials and XX number of days to finish. That would be ok, I wouldn't mind. Whole point is to bring the world back to what it was like, that's everyones goal in the Fallout Universe, to get humanity back to where it was.

Hell maybe the massive broken walls in the Minuteman castle or even removing the horrible bushes, dead skeletons and other small things you can't delete which then proceed to go through your buildings

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