Difficulty settings coming to PixelJunk Monsters, new modes coming to Eden

PS3Fanboy writes, "Finding the PixelJunk games frustratingly difficult? You are not alone; the guys over at TheBBPS wrote an open e-mail to Dylan Cuthbert, executive producer at Q-games, humorously complaining that his wife finds PixelJunk Monsters just a tad bit too overwhelming and requests difficulty settings for the game. Cuthbert acknowledges his prayers, stating that an upcoming free patch to Monsters will include the ability to make the game easier, or harder, than the default setting.

Cuthbert also hints a similar treatment in form of a new "more namby pamby" gameplay mode for PixelJunk Eden in a future expansion pack. He feels Eden's "controls are too much fun to waste on just one set of game rules." We can't wait!"

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Relcom3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Single player is epicly hard, but very enjoyable. way to go Pixeljunk keep it up!

Also seeing as Eden doesn't have a platinum trophy yet that clearly means it'll be obtained in these new modes. Woot

DeforMAKulizer3627d ago

Not necessarily platinum, cause i heard that PSN titles wont have platinum... But at least more than one silver and some hint of a gold hehe... Looking forward to Dungeons as well =D

Relcom3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

"Super Stardust HD has a platinum trophy...."

My reply below

DeforMAKulizer3627d ago

Ya i noticed hehe... Sorry for the huge mix up...

Relcom3627d ago

Your right im wrong, i seen my friend had a platinum trophy i assumed it was for SSHD. My bad

MazzingerZ3627d ago

I wish all the games had the option to set unlimited lifes or similar, my daughters want to play some PSN games I have but some are just too least a training mode where you could play around with the controls without worrying about dying...

meepmoopmeep3627d ago

i've noticed that Q-Games love their difficulty. they trick you with cool and quirky cute graphics and simple gameplay but the challenge is crazy.

i'm still stuck on Monsters. gRRRR.
and Eden is becoming more challenging and i'm only on the 3rd Garden.
double gRRRR.

n4gzz3627d ago

After playing over month and half, Got all the rainbow on first island. Just started 2nd Island (toki or tuki i don't remember). I must say, it was ever challenging. Would love to see one of those tower unlocked in the beginning without purchasing.

Bibto3627d ago


Same with me. I played the demo and really enjoyed the relaxing and fun gameplay in the first garden. When I purchased the game things got a lot harder after that.

You get used to the difficulty in the later gardens, but then, just when you think you got a hang on the game again, you get to the infamous Garden 7.

All I can say is good luck... ;)

mfwahwah3627d ago

I never considered buying PJ Monsters because I suck at tower defense games. With an easier difficulty though, I may be able to have some fun and not constantly die :P

StephanieBBB3627d ago

I want the game to be harder... It's too easy imo.

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paracardium3627d ago

the difficulty is the best part of the now if they make it easier it will make trophies super easy to get now. Oh well enough whining then everyone get their way.

thor3627d ago

Bah I beat this game with my 12 year old sister, single player I don't know I hardly played it lol. I personally like the difficulty of the pixeljunk games; it's easy enough at the start to get into and they are actually a challenge to complete unlike most games nowadays.

TOSgamer3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

So yes single player monsters is much, much harder.

Adamalicious3627d ago

Monsters isn't crazy hard to beat in co-op, but Encore is BRUTAL.

DeforMAKulizer3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I love PixelJunk =D

Relcom3627d ago

Super Stardust HD has a platinum trophy.

DeforMAKulizer3627d ago

Actually it doesnt... Only Uncharted and Buzz Quiz TV have platinum... Only disc based games will have platinum trophies... PSN games wont...

Relcom3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

As a owner of the game, i tell you you are wrong. Others will agree

Nice edit now i look crazy lol

DeforMAKulizer3627d ago

Ummmm i have a friend who collected a 100 % on Super Stardust and he has no platinum trophy... Go to the Trophy Collection tab in the XMB and you will notice that in SSHD not one trophy is platinum... See some trophy guides as well... No platinum... Only Uncharted and Buzz Quiz TV till now buddy... Sorry to break it to ya...

whoelse3627d ago

Super Stardust HD has NO platinum. Do your research.

PirateThom3627d ago

PSN games do not have Platinum trophies.

LiquifiedArt3626d ago

I have SSHD and 100% Trophies. There is no Platinum. The only PSN games to have Platinum's are the ones with a BLU-RAY release as well.
Ie. Socom, Warhawk etc...

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Killjoy30003627d ago

I like when devs do this, but not right after they release the original product. This just shows their money grubbing whore skills. But hey, what devs?publishers don't do this these days? lol. "Hey, lets add something that should've been there before and act like it's an addition!! Yay!!" Hopefully, they go the Criterion route and make it all free, though.

mfwahwah3627d ago

I really doubt they'll charge for *DIFFICULTY LEVELS* that fans requested. That would be a slap to the face.

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