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Jamie Briggs, Analog Addiction. "Driveclub Bikes adds to the growing number of next generation motorcycle options on PlayStation 4 consoles. Driveclub Bikes is a standalone DLC expansion for Sony’s latest racing franchise, focusing on its two wheeled brethren. Though Driveclub Bikes still doesn’t create the ultimate motorcycle racing experience bike enthusiasts deserve, it provides a challenging, fun and visually beautiful option for PlayStation 4 gamers."

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SniperControl1121d ago

Not really into my bikes, prefer cars myself, still, i found Driveclub bikes to be fun, fast and with gorgeous graphics, is it worth the £12.00(PS+), yeah, for that price definitely.
Worth a punt for those sitting on the fence about it.

sprinterboy1121d ago


Disagreed bruv, agree the bikes dlc is good but disagreed cause I think £7.99 would have been better pricing. Just wanted to explain my disagree buddy.

SniperControl1121d ago


Yeah, i understand, and totally respect your opinion, but there are worse motorbike games out there selling for £40.

But hey, i'am enjoying DC-B so that's all that counts for me.

Crazyglues1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I disagree too, on price and fun..

First let me say I'm a Die hard, I mean die hard Driveclub fan.. Love the game..

-But strange enough I don't feel bikes are done right, the learning curve is ridiculous.. if your not pro, forget about being able to ride the bikes probably..

This should not be the case, a game like GTA V let's you jump from bike to car with no problem, now I know GTA V is not a racing game but my point is it's a game that is suppose to be fun and nice to ride, it's not a sim... So it's suppose to ride a balance of fun and ease, because this is all you do... (racing) so why they made them so hard and crazy to ride is beyond me..

And I would say it's not fun, unless your a pro, I don't see anyone else having fun with bikes, it's too hard to ride.. imo.

Now price, $14.99 for some bikes... Lame, Why? well think about this, the bikes don't even race with cars, it's bikes by their self, on the same tracks that are already in the game. what was really hard here... it's just a bikes skin pack. (if the cars raced with the bikes like in Project Gotham Racing - - I would be impressed, means you really did some work to balance everything and make it run smooth together..

This is more like just replace car pack with bike pack.. hell this could have just been $5 bucks first bike pack, $5 bucks second pack... the end. (they would have sold a ton more and would be a better value for what this is)

The bikes are just too raw, they need serious polish, and a huge update to handling.. (I'm not a fan when I can get on GTA 5 and have ten times more fun riding a bike then I can on a racing game that only does racing).. bikes need to be fun to ride not seriously hard, it's not a sim.

iceman061121d ago

I respect that. But, IMO, they are sticking to their "hybrid physics" philosophy. The hardest thing about the controls is mastering the lean. Lean too much and you bleed speed. Not enough and you won't corner as well. The throttle control is directly related to that. (much like driving the cars in the game) Racing lines are tighter in this expansion. (gift and curse) So, you can cheat a bit on your old racing lines. But, not too much or you end up off the track.
I see it as a different challenge. But, not that much more different than coming to grips with the handling of the cars. Though this is slanted towards an arcade racer. It is still not supposed to be as simplistic as GTA handling. (though it might be closer to the GTA 4 handling that people despised due to it's physics)
As for the price, it is what it is. Hopefully, they expand on Bikes like they have with the regular mode.

retrogamer091121d ago

No matter how much DLC you put into the game it'll still score less than Horizon 2 and still have less cars.

Grievous1121d ago

Gamers don't care. Driveclub is far more popular even though it's a brand new IP so they must be doing something right.

retrogamer091121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Driveclub more popular than Horizon 2? What Sony endorsed coke you smoking? I'm on Horizon 2 almost every day and it has 2 million active players.

SniperControl1121d ago

Yet DC still old sold FH2.......

ChronicPsycho1121d ago

Horizon 2 has two million active players? Lmao, I bet it haven't even sold 2 million let alone active player.

ultimatetruth1121d ago

Terrible expansion for a terrible game.