Five features Fallout: New Vegas did better five years ago

40 hours later and the rose-tinted glasses fall off, and Fallout 4 doesn’t seem as great as you thought.

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littlezizu1125d ago

Well Fallout New Vegas was developed by obsidian entertainment. Rumour has it they gonna announce game next month either in PSX or Game Awards.

Simco8761125d ago

That would be insane. More Fallout so fast?!?! I don't know if my body can handle it. I need at least a 2017 launch.

BellePelouse1125d ago

Obsidian made a ot of games that were not in the fallout franchise. They could be working on anything, probably a sequel to something

Summons751125d ago

Greeeeat, can't wait to see Obsidian's next broken and rushed game is /s

sullynathan1125d ago

It should have been apparent that the game wasn't as great as you thought within the first hour when they gave you power armor that early.

I'm sure you can think of more than 5 things New Vegas did better than Fallout 4.

INB4 dislikes for the article

Summons751125d ago

I thought that was pretty smart. Get to have all that power and feel like a god only to have it ripped away from you 5 minutes later when you either run out of fuel (since you don't get anymore until later, unless you know where to look obviously but that's future play throughs) or the Deathclaw pops out of nowhere and totally wrecks you. Only thing New Vegas did better than Fallout 4 was having more game breaking bugs...which isn't a good thing.

sullynathan1125d ago

Seems someone did not read the article to see what new vegas did better than fallout 4.
New vegas was also better than fallout 3 for the same reasons listed in the article.

It was dumb design. Power armor is the best armor in the fallout universe. It's the reason why in each main fallout title, you don't get it until much later in the game. It's what's called end game gear, you don't give it to the player within the first hour of the game. It would be the equivalent of giving Daedric armor in TES within the first hour.
Plus power armor in faggot 4 breaks lore. T-51 and newer power armor are supposed to last centuries with their own power cells, you're not supposed to be scavenging for power cells.

I know you like this game or you're a Bethesda fan but please make better comments next time that don't make you look like a Bethesda fanboy

frostypants1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

@Summons75, don't argue with sullynathan. He hasn't actually played Fallout 4. He's also 12.

UnwanteDreamz1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

You think the armor they give you at the beginning is end game armor? The T45 armor is almost the weakest power armor in the game. Some of you people obviously haven't played the game. So, why are you commenting on it?

Also I'm less than 20hrs in and I have like 20 fusion cores. The game isn't stingy with them.

SolidGear31125d ago

I've found 15 power cores but left my power armor at ArcJet early in the game.

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Summons751125d ago

New Vegas was terrible and Fallout 3 ran circles around it...Fallout 4 is a hundred times better than New Vegas could ever dream of being.

UnHoly_One1125d ago

I wouldn't say New Vegas was "terrible", but I wholeheartedly agree with everything else you said.

Mizikiel1125d ago

I played fallout 3 first and new vegas after it and I have to disagree. New vegas characters were much better and you had many choices in the quests, so it actually felt like an RPG. Also I prefer the main story of new vegas to fallout 3. Chasing your dad who you don't even really care much, felt like a cliche, boring and just not that interesting.

memnoch_871123d ago

And now you get to be the parent chasing the child. The whole plot lacks imagination.

Simco8761125d ago

Humor and the wild side is what made New Vegas better. Beth is the more serious side of Fallout, which is such a sweet pairing that I don't know what to say anymore.

Perjoss1125d ago

Vegas made some nice changes from Fallout 3, I liked how the writing was a bit more grown up, but the game world was just boring and not very well crafted. What a total let down when you finally arrive at the strip and its a gate with a loading screen rather than a gradual approach.

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