Xbox and PlayStation: virtual war reality

Do you think that when the VR console comes out, the Xbox will die out? What if everyone goes crazy and buys the PlaystationVR and it becomes successful like the Apple iPhone? Why is Xbox not doing anything about this? Does it just want to give up on the market? All the shows Playstation has done to market its product and Microsoft hasnt done a single thing but just experimenting with outdated augmented reality products. Dont you think Cinemas bring better performance than watching the same film on a smaller TV. Its the same experience?

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Septic1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Pretty one-sided war when one doesn't even have a proper measure in place for VR. MS are just sitting back observing what happens with VR whereas Sony are actually delivering a hardware device and properly committing to it.

ritchi451100d ago

Agreed, it's a very one-sided argument. HoloLens is augmented reality, different to virtual reality, most people don't seem to get that.

Xx_Pistol_xX1100d ago

Hololens doesn't even work with the Xbox One as of right now. Also the dev kits are 3000 dollars.

ShinMaster1100d ago

Yeah, some people still aren't completely aware of the differences between AR and VR.
VR attempts to immerse the player into a game world.

ArchangelMike1100d ago

MS are supporting Occulus Rift, I'm sure I read somwhere that they said it will be compatible with Games for Windows, or something like that.

Septic1100d ago

Pretty half-arsed support though. Sony are doing it right. MS are playing a wait and see game and even then, they won't have bespoke hardware to handle it.

If you are serious about embarking/enjoying VR on consoles, its a no brainer- PS4 all the way. Respect to Sony for actually making an attempt at it properly.

MS aren't interested, or not interested enough so if they come out later on and say "hey we were always serious about it" then unless they have SUPER STRONG evidence that they were doing work in the background. which there is nothing to suggest that they have, well then they can get stuffed.

Death1100d ago

What has Sony done right with VR? There is no release date, there is no price and we really don't know what games to expect in the long term. We have an idea what's coming, but don't know how well it will be done and if support will last without sales taking off they way Sony anticipates. We don't have to look long to see how quickly Sony abandoned support for the Vita when it failed to hit internal sales numbers. We had one good year from Sony on the platform. I'm honestly surprised Sony is taking the gamble with VR on the PS4. How many people are really willing to spend $300-$400 on an accessory with no guarantee of support? Best case it is supported for 3 years before the new platforms hit.

Xx_Pistol_xX1100d ago

Playsatation VR is Virtual reality vs the Xbox One Oculus support. Which needs a 1000 dollar PC to run at minimal specs and is VC. Which stand for virtual cinema. So you will play your games streaming from your Xbox on a big screen in a room. Far from what Playstation VR is doing.

Xx_Pistol_xX1100d ago

Sony is doing everything right so far. By signing on with tons of developers. Having a peripheral that works with a console almost 30 million people own. Making the VR 120hz so you don't get sick. Making the screen hover over your face for compatibility and ease of use with glasses. I can go on and on.

jb2271100d ago

They are only supporting Oculus in the virtual theater sense. There is no true VR, just the potential to watch movies or play games in a virtual cinema. Support in name only really. Considering the PS4 is a more powerful box & still needs a separate processing unit for its VR solution, MS most likely couldn't get any actual VR games running unless they partnered w/ Oculus & did the same.

donthate1100d ago


One could make the argument that MS/Phil Spencer doesn't see the value of VR on console, because it seems like it would be a poor overall experience. essentially what Sony is doing with PS VR is a stopgap measure and that proper VR support is more what Occulus is doing.

MS likely has a contingency plan and that is likely to just drop tweaked Occulus Rift hardware onto Xbox One if it is that crucial, but by that time, we are likely at a new generation already. Technically we are already half way through this one.

VR is a long game, if it even becomes successful or it becomes another 3D or motion control with a $300+ price tag.

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ABizzel11100d ago

This article is about as stupid as the backwards compatibility war article.

Automatic791100d ago

This article needs proof reading and more substance with regards to actual references not opinions. In my opinion, I need to know more about VR not just a few Indies making rail gun fun games or open world exploration games. I need to know if I will faint, get dizzy spells, vertigo or straight sick. I feel it needs about 4 more years and a ton of support not just developers saying they back it up. I will see and actually some day try out a sku to see if it's worth having.

kenwonobi1100d ago

Virtual Reality has been in development for over 20 years. Many of the sickness issues have already been addressed. Of course there will still be a few problems. Even kids still get sick watching people play shooters still on regular consoles. I threw up one time watching Goldeneye.

MRMagoo1231100d ago

Was about to say the same Abizzle lol

TwoForce1100d ago

I agree. That article make me feel annoying.

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kenwonobi1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I think the article is pointing out this particular event by saying it could sway the console sales even more heavily to PS4.

Death1100d ago

If VR is the next big thing, absolutely. What happens if VR become the next Betamax or HD-DVD though? There is a pretty long list of failed accessories including Virtuaboy, Move, Kinect, and of course 3D gaming which failed to materialize. We have no existing model of an add-on accessory that revolutionized gaming which is why Sony keeps saying PSVR is a separate platform. If it didn't need a PS4 they might have a point. Truth is it is the most expensive accessory we have seen since the SegaCD and 32X and we already know how those worked out.

kenwonobi1100d ago

It's possible it could go that way. However it's also possible it could become the next bluray or mp3. There is always a first.

Spotie1099d ago

@Death: What happens if you're struck by a meteor tomorrow? What happens if a cat steals your wallet? What happens if someone replaces your tires with French bread?

I swear you WANT VR to fail, if only to see Sony suffer.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1100d ago

Microsoft isn't willing to commit resources to untested technology. They tend to "play it safe" in these instances.

Septic1100d ago

Augmented reality isn't really that safe tbh

ColonelHugh1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )


But no, you're right, Xbox plays it safe with proven tech these days. Probably why they're averse to handhelds too.

Christopher1099d ago

Yeah. If it takes off, MS will probably just work with Oculus to get an external device that can work with your XBO to do VR rather than doing their own thing anyway.

Septic1099d ago

Hardly the best solution though. Plus power will be very important when it comes to VR games and the X1 will be struggling greatly in the event that they do go ahead with it.

Christopher1099d ago

I doubt it will struggle any more than the PS4, which is doing the same thing (utilizing an external device to aid with it).

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psvr1100d ago

I guess so, but Microsoft hasnt done anything to promote it, its just like how Microsoft let Apple take its market share, but then Microsoft was quick to invest in Facebook so i probably wants Oculus Rift to succeed?

Death1100d ago

There really isn't anything to promote. Right now everything we have seen for VR and even AR is tech demo's. The Heist is the most compelling thing we have seen and it's just a few minutes long. I can't see that formula working for 8-10 hours.

Microsoft vs Apple isn't a fair comparison. Microsoft wasn't making hardware which is where Apple really started to shine. They made the devices people wanted and the OS took a back seat. Microsoft was the complete opposite. They made the OS and relied on partners to create the hardware.

Sony is taking a huge risk with VR and it really doesn't make much sense. The PS4 is already selling incredibly well and VR isn't a proprietary product. They would have a much better chance with PSVR if it worked with multiple platforms. Oculus has much more potential buyers since they aren't restricted to a single platform and they still have a lot to prove.

kenwonobi1100d ago

All opinions. The answer will come from the consumer. When they put it on. If it amazes the average working Joe enough then he will spend his hard working money on it. If for anything we love us some cool technology. This shiz is cool. We live to show it off to people. This thing is easy to show off. We live to give a woman things to do at our place. This is fun to show a female and play together. Lastly because if it's anything like I think it will be???? Then games are gonna be completely bad as [email protected]# on it. Even smaller indie games will be awesome. Even movies on it.

psvr1100d ago

Do the Alarm Bells ring at Microsoft or is it on silent mode.?

uth111100d ago

Even if VR is successful, it won't replace traditional gaming year one. MS has time to come up with a VR solution

gangsta_red1100d ago

Exactly, even with what is shown right now with these VR devices it all looks to be still in it's infancy. Only a small amount of games look interesting and the rest just demos.

ABizzel11100d ago

Not to the degree of PSVR, until much later in the XBO life cycle and at that point they might as well wait until XB4.

Oculus for XBO is nothing by a window, and XBO doesn't how the power to allow Oculus to run it's type of VR with the majority of VR games that will be cross platform with PS. At most Oculus VR on XBO could be used for Arcade type games, and maybe some 360 remasters (Oculus demands 1080p @ 75fps minimum, and preferably 90fps).

That means MS has to make their own VR headset like Sony did, and we saw it took Sony 2 years to get the prototype up, running to the level they want, and it's still going to take just under 1 more year to get everything finalized and priced.

If MS started in 2016, that means it'll likely be sometime in 2018 before they get their VR headset completely finalized for XBO, and by then they've missed out on 2 years worth of VR games and XB4 will be on the horizon (2019 / 2020).

So I seriously doubt MS will push for their own VR headset this gen, and by next-gen they're going to try to deviate from PS anyway and push an AR headset, but at that point both headsets might be VR + AR.

uth111100d ago

well one of the hold-ups of VR is getting games developed. If MS releases a later VR unit, a lot of the multi-plat VR games could be ported.

Also Sony and Oculus are learning things through trial-and-error. MS could look at the existing VR headsets and not have to learn everything from scratch, so I don't think it would take them a full 3 years, and who knows they might have already started working on it?

Sony will have a huge head start for sure

Automatic791100d ago

@Abizzel dont sleep on team Xbox the next big update in Mid to late 2016 could be VR integration. Don't quote me but don't give such a definitive statement that MS can't handle.

jb2271100d ago

A 2 year dev cycle for a brand new VR unit for the XBO is quite a bit too short. Development for PSVR started around 2010, so a 2016 release puts that dev time around 6 years...if MS rushed a product to market in 2 short years, it would be decidedly poor. Honestly the only solution for MS if they started development on a VR solution today would be holding off for the next console cycle.

Death1100d ago

PSVR development started before the PS4? That doesn't sound very feasible. The idea behind VR was something Sony wanted to do since the 90's. According to this, PSVR started as a "grass roots" project after Move was released in 2010. That doesn't mean PSVR as we know it today was developed between 2010-2014, just that the idea for it started then. Keep in mind this is just the hardware. We have seen multiple companies put their hat in the ring for VR since Oculus announced the Rift. Sony is only one of them.

Software is what is going to take time. With a 2016 launch of PSVR almost 3 years after the PS4 launch, what software will we see this gen? It seems like it would have made more sense to offer VR at launch for the PS5. By the time we see compelling software hit, the gen will be over. We still haven't seen Sony hit their stride with PS4 development let alone PS4 PSVR which isn't out yet. What teams will work on PS4 and what teams will work on PSVR? I think most fans are under the impression that games will be released for both platforms concurrently. It will be either/or if PSVR is a separate platform.

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kenwonobi1100d ago

Good point. Maybe they create a better virtual headset? That would be nice.

DigitalRaptor1100d ago

Xbox should focus on its "war" against PS4, and then next-generation come out with a unique VR solution of their own. There is no virtual reality war that involves Xbox, until Microsoft commits.

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