Star Trek Online reveal crashes official site

VG247: The official Star Trek Online site just showed a "too many connections" error before being taken offline, minutes after Cryptic Studios showed first footage and details of the game in Las Vegas via a live webcast.

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MazzingerZ3780d ago

The attack of the Nerds you mean :) wife is one Star Trek hard fan, gets realy pissed off when I ask her "Is Chewbacca in Enterpise or Next Generation, I don't remember" stuff Star Trek, myself watched the original series when I was a kid

Chubear3780d ago

Call me nerd all you want all day, I just love this IP to bits XD and I'm stoked at the posibilities of this new MMO.

Hello, my name is Chubear and I'm a Treki... and damned proud of it too :P lol