Halo 5: Feature-packed Free DLC drops this week

It seems like Halo 5: Guardians has been out for all of five minutes, but as we teased last week already the first major multiplayer DLC is about to drop. Our friends over at 343 Industries just want to keep us hooked on that sweet, sweet multiplayer it seems. Best of all, as promised before launch, all Halo 5 DLC is free

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Septic1122d ago

Loving the prompt support for this.

Big team Battle returns ooh yeah. Welcome back Blood Gultch.

Now we have:

All your arena type modes
Breakout- which is amazing
Warzone which is mad
Big Team Battle- pure classic Halo carnage.

Black0ut1122d ago

Omg I can't wait. Been having a blast in Warzone and I can't get enough of it. Bring on the free DLC 343!!! >:D

MetroidFREAK211122d ago

I personally don't like Breakout. Granted I hate game modes that only give you one life. Like SnD in CoD. I just don't play them because I like respawning and helping out my team. Not dying and hoping they can win the round.

escott0131122d ago

Fair enough! I get where you're coming from.

Me personally, I love the suspense of having one guy left and seeing if he can hang in there and take out the rest of the enemy team! Haha

bobsmith1122d ago

sweet I think they delayed btb to get ppl to try warzone and bring ppl back from bo3 all good not a long wait
I want to use vehicles without needing to have a req for them now just to beat others to them when they spawn

escott0131122d ago

I think you're right, haha! I don't have a problem with it either. I think it was very, very clever planning on 343's part.

christocolus1122d ago

Nice. What 343i has been able to achieve with mp in H5 is amazing. They just need to keep pushing out quality content regularly to keep players coming back for more.

MetroidFREAK211122d ago

I'll be hoping on this once this update hits. Been looking forward to it for awhile. Free DLC is nice :)

spicelicka1122d ago

Yesss Big team battle! Ain't nothing like BTB.

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