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Back in 2007 when the PlayStation 3 was the exciting new kid on the block everyone was waiting for someone to harness the power of that mysterious Cell processor and show us what the new generation could really be. Naughty Dog did that with the introduction of Nathan Drake and his first adventure, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It was stunning

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retrogamer091127d ago

Damn the Uncharted Collection got outsold by Yoshi Wooliworld and it's entire 3 week plus sales got destroyed with 4 days of Halo 5 sales. And people think Uncharted 4 is gonna ship units?

SniperControl1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

You forget that many people already have and played the three games on there PS3's, so didn't get it again for that reason, The Uncharted Collection is mainly meant for new players new to the Playstation universe, anyway, it's a genius move by Sony, by introducing Nathan Drake to a new audience, Uncharted 4's interest will have heightened in anticipation of it's release next year.

Uncharted 4 is a new game which nobody has played, you'd be a fool to think UC4 will not ship units.

"But Sony said 80 percent of their users have never played Uncharted"

@retro below

Oh dear, selective reading are we? That was in response to gamers jumping ship from Xbox to Playstation this gen, so by your logic, that's 80% more sales for Uncharted 4.

@retro again

Man, lol, how hard is this to understand, read the first paragraph again.

retrogamer091127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

But Sony said 80 percent of their users have never played Uncharted.

Then if 80 percent of the install base never played Uncharted why would it still be getting outsold by Yoshi Wooli World?

1127d ago
PS4XBOXONEPC1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

mad you don't have a ps4 troll?

Spotie1126d ago

None of that is relevant to this article, for one thing.

For another, Yoshi is the biggest title to hit the Wii U in quite some time. Like the Xbox, they've been rather starved over there, especially since they're lacking in multiplats.

Tell me: where were MCC's sales after its first month? Wanna bet it got outsold by some unlikely stuff, too?

Lastly, Uncharted titles STILL sell very well, despite your trolling attempts to assert the opposite.

Just go elsewhere.

maniacmayhem1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Seems relevant enough for you to go on another defending crusade and slam not only the WiiU but the Xbox which is also has nothing to do with this article.

I seriously just want to know why is it that EVERY time people have a problem with something Sony does, you defend it?

I wonder also do you have this comment in edit too?

freshslicepizza1126d ago

what does the sales of yoshi and halo 5 have to do with reviewing uncharted collection?

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jon_snow1127d ago

@troll above
U2 sales 8 million
U3 sales 6 million

Yet people worry about Uncharted sales.
Uncharted collection was targeted to those who didn't buy during ps3 era and people who have ps3 still play those MP which is still very active.

Once data of sales of whole world not just one reason is released we will know how well U collection did. I predict it sold better than ROTR.

1127d ago
Jls11127d ago

imo its missing one key thing online for uc2 and uc3. As for uc4 theres plenty of people waiting for uc4 just to buy a ps4.

ultimatetruth1127d ago

Without a shadow of a doubt the most overrated series ever on the Playstation, a generic third person shooter with weak shooting mechanics, constant QTE's and scripted events, generic story and characters and does nothing above average except for visuals.

SniperControl1126d ago

Thankfully, no one gives a damn about you opinions.

FunkyGoron1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Can't wait for UC4. Finished my platinum for UC3 (finally) last month and am now picking up the pieces for the Golden Abyss platinum. Damn bounties.

I love when people call UC generic, I look to Halo and see nothing but a bland attempt at a sci-fi setting with multiplayer that once was king now falling prey to copying CoD in Halo 4 and then changing movements to mimic Titanfall/Advanced Warfare/BO3.

Then I see Tomb Raider attempting to mimic the things UC has done so well since 2007.

Just wonder when Xbox will quit playing copy-cat with the games they put their $$ behind.