Fallout 4 - Where to Find Every Magazine in the Commonwealth

Who says print media is dead? In Fallout 4, it seems the world ended before the magazine went out of style. With no television and hit-or-miss radio stations, it seems reading is back in style to fill a wastelander's cavernous void of free time in between dodging Super Mutant assaults and Yao Gaui maulings.

If you thought Fallout 4's 20 bobbleheads were hard to find, discovering all of the game's many magazines will seem like an impossible task. However, for the avid reader, this guide will lead you to every single magazine hidden throughout the Commonwealth and detail all the fun perks they bring with them.

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slappy5081096d ago

It's a really nice touch that you can put your found magazines in a magazine rack and also your bobble heads in display in your settlement. Kinda makes me want to find everything on that basis alone, other than the sweet bonuses to stats you get!

Pixel_Enemy1096d ago

I did this too. But I was wondering, do you still get the perks for these items when they are on display or do they have to be on your person?

Tobsesan1096d ago

That is what i was wondering too. Tell me if you know it!

slappy5081096d ago

Hi, For Bobbleheads I know the stats remain when they are on display and not in your inventory, as I checked my Charisma is sitting at 9 and I started with 8, and havent invested skill points in stats so its the bobblehead giving that bonus, even in display. Hard to say for magazines, hopefully it's the same concept, that the bonus gets credited to your stats permanently when you pick it up.