Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Final Code Frame-Rate Test

Digital Foundry:
We grabbed some footage at EA's Star Wars Battlefront review event at the tail end of last week. This is it. PlayStation 4 final code. The game ran well in its beta phase - and this evidence seems to suggest it's now even smoother.

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Genuine-User1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

The people over at DICE are wizards. Battlefront's superb visuals alongside its flawless frame-rate is a remarkable feat in the industry.

WellyUK1123d ago

people can hate on the content all they want but there is no doubting that what DICE have done visually and performance wise is nothing short of incredible.

Genuine-User1123d ago

I agree. It's a technical marvel.

Eiyuuou1123d ago

I remember the scepticism at reveal. Good to see that they nailed this at least.

just_looken1123d ago

Bland open maps with little to no buildings minimal destruction and 40 player count just to start.

Yes it runs great but the game is also a shadow of a map like shanghi in bf4 with the amount of stuff on the map and the chaos.

Perjoss1123d ago

This is Battlefront, not Battlefield. You might be only person that actually wanted a Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin over it.

dantesparda1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

In my opinion, DICE is one of the best devs around, period and the Frostbite Engine, the best engine period! I've thought this ever since Battlefield. This game has some of the best graphics out there in my opinion.

Dynasty20211123d ago

So they shrunk the maps size from BF and lowered it to 20v20 with less vehicles etc, and the FPS increased?


They're not wizards, they freed up power by lowering what was on screen compared to the BF games.

Wake up. This is no different to lowering detail and resolution to get a better FPS.

2pacalypsenow1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

How would you have improved performance on consoles without removing any of that which does not affect the game in any way BTW this isn't battlefield, its battlefront. Please elaborate

RegorL1123d ago

Just compare with other recent games then, if you find one worthy...

at least Battlefront map sizes
with vehicles
running 900p @60 on PS4 and 720p @60 on XBox One
materials and lighting that looks real

Wake up!

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Tedakin1123d ago

def one of the prettiest games ever.

shadowT1123d ago

Good news for PS4 owners.

Eonjay1123d ago

Good news for XBO owners too. The framerate is looking just as solid on this analysis video:

As far as engines are concerned, the Frostbite engine is the most mature across the widest array of platforms.

akaFullMetal1123d ago

Very good performance on fps!

Perjoss1123d ago

Lots of talk about the viauals, and yes they look fantastic, but lets not forget about the excellent sound design, something that very few devs make the extra effort for, but DICE is certainly one of them.

MasterCornholio1123d ago

Dice was given access to StarWars assets so its no brainer that the sound would replicate the movies. I heard that in PS Blog.

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