Star Trek Online Q&A - Overview, New Developer, Early Details

Gamespot writes: "Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) typically let you play some sort of elf who ventures out into some sort of colorful, persistent world, to repeatedly beat on some sort of rats in the hopes of looting a handful of some sort of treasure and eventually gaining some sort of experience level, so that you can seek out shinier treasures and beat up larger rats.

One new game on the horizon will definitely deviate from this formula, all the way to space...the final frontier. That's right, the Star Trek universe created by TV producer Gene Roddenberry will be coming to life in a massively multiplayer game brought to you by Cryptic Entertainment, the studio that previously created the online game City of Heroes. However, Star Trek Online was originally in development at an entirely different studio, Perpetual Entertainment, which has since closed its doors. What does that mean for the newly-reannounced game? We checked in with Cryptic Studios' executive producer Craig Zinkievich for all the details."

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