How to Disable Vsync and Unlock Frame-Rate in Fallout 4

For those who don’t know, the PC version of Fallout 4 is plagued with issues, though the issues aren’t as serious as the issues that are on present on the console versions.

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One-Shot1096d ago

" plagued with issues"

Really? 12 hours in and I've seen one graphical bug.

Lighter91096d ago

50 hours in and next to nothing. FO3 froze on me during character creation and when I tried taking the GOAT test. Best Bethesda game launch for me ever.

sci4me1096d ago

Same here. 50h+ in the game and have only had a few framerate-drops in all that time. Brilliant game so far.

Dynasty20211096d ago

You're kidding.

On PC I've seen terrain disappear, enemies rocket into the air, swimming soldier on land, companions disappear, I've had 2 quests glitch out on me and cant hand them in, hands disappear from the screen, sound cutting out on vertibirds, FPS plummets when on skyscrapers...

We're clearly not playing the same game.

kraenk121096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

The tagline is a joke. Watched so many streams and almost no issues at all.

Mulletino1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

I got the audio driver bug where it would randomly shut the game down but beta patch fixed that within minutes of it happening. Other than that nothing really and an amazing game. Can't wait to get home and play it again :)

No framerate issues that I've seen. Silky smooth Imo.

SunnyZ1096d ago

There is a reason why the FPS is locked.
The games engine goes all screwy if your fps is drastically higher than 60FPS.

JsonHenry1096d ago

Yeah, the speed of the game (actions, falling physics, you name it!) is tied directly to the games fps.

Psychotica1096d ago

FPS is locked? I am confused then, why is it when I run Fraps it shows 70-80 fps? I have only seen a few glitches like the dog stuck in a doorway or Codsworth appearing behind me while I walk out of a room them immediately in front of me.

Dynasty20211096d ago

120+ HZ monitor's for some reason default to over 60 FPS into the 70s.

It's still locked either way, because if it was unlocked you wouldn't be so peachy about it - the game becomes unplayable when you unlock the FPS.

Anyone with a brain cell on PC knows this.