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Star Wars Battlefront is an upcoming action first- and third-person shooter video game based on the Star Wars franchise. The third major release in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, it is being developed by EA DICE and will be published by Electronic Arts. Despite this, it is not considered a sequel to the previous games, but rather a reboot.It is scheduled for release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in November 2015.

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thebuilder1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

60 dollar game with nothing in it but DLC.

shadowknight2031128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

They could have given this game 9/10 or a 2/10 idc but i came to comment on how poorly this review was written. No depth in description, its like someone who hasn't actually played the game only the beta would write.

A mentality of "lets publish our review quickly for more hits". This shouldn't have been approved due to lack of professionalism.

nix1128d ago

hahaha.. did you use the word "professionalism"? that word and gaming journalism doesn't go together. we have people from big sites like IGN saying "too much water" and marking games down. i know not all are like that but most of what gaming journalism is nothing but fanboyism and paid reviews.

we need to be mature and buy games with our instincts. as simple as that. if you're confused with reviews or words going around, just watch the "let's play" videos and make decisions.

TommyTwoLegs1128d ago

Half of this "review" was plagiarized from Jason Evangelho's Forbes piece. Get this out of here!

rockNrolf1127d ago

...aaaaaand it's gone. 404.