Watch FOX's NFL robot morph into Fallout 4's Brotherhood of Steel armer [Video]

As seen during the Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers football game on Sunday, FOX’s NFL robot transforms into Fallout 4‘s Brotherhood of Steel body armor.

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MilkMan1123d ago

Ratings must be hurting or the Fox News IT guys are major geeks. LOL!

Spotie1123d ago

That's not Fox News. It's their NFL coverage broadcast. They have a robot- forgot his name- that will sometimes take part in things like this.

Ozmoses1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

It's called a marketing sponsorship....

Today's NFL game is brought to you by these sponsors.... Fallout 4, etc, etc...

which is then followed up by the associated commercials relating to that said product.

Simple television advertisements 101..

no one is hurting for anything

MilkMan1123d ago

Beg to differ guys. Even port hub took a hit when fallout 4 dropped and sports as a whole are in a decline. I think it's safe to say that a little cross pollination wouldn't hurt the NFL. Seems like a natural fit with the robot and all.

General Shrooms1123d ago

"Fallout 4's Brotherhood of Steel armor"