New Dissidia Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Show Bartz in Action, Gives Glimpse on Zidane

Square Enix released today another trailer of the upcoming arcade title Dissidia Final Fantasy, showcasing Bartz Klauser from Final Fantasy V.

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Hoffmann1100d ago

Awww, loving how they also play new arrangements /remixes of the classic games music in all these character trailers, hope there are full versions in the game and they will be available via an official soundtrack.

-Gespenst-1100d ago

I can't get over how cool that view of Midgar is at 0:24 and 0:50. I knew it'd be off limits, but I have a feeling it's a good visual idea of what the remake might be like.

I have a feeling the remake will be an open-world action RPG like XV. SE will take what they've learned from Advent Children and XV and bring it all to the table for the VII remake. For example, we'll be able to wander around the giant town below this Dissidia stage.