Best PS4 Black Friday 2015 Deal: Kohl’s $15 Rebate Will Mark Down PS4 Price To 209.

Best PS4 Black Friday 2015 Deal: Kohl’s $15 Rebate Will Mark Down ‘PS4 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle’ Sticker Price To $209

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SaveMeJebus1127d ago

Wow, cheaper than a Wii U? Mind Blown.

Agent-861127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I just went to Kohl's website and the discount is $10 for every $50 spent; not the $15 quoted. It is also "Kohl's Cash" so its not really a discount; its more like a gift card as you have to use it against a future purchase. Still a great deal, though. Spend $300 on the PS4 and get $60 back in Kohl's Cash. Its also good on any purchase, so you can get yourself a Xbox One or Wii U if you'd rather go that route.

Another thing not mentioned in the article, though, is you can get a further 20% discount on your first purchase if you open a Kohl's credit card (this can be combined with the Kohl's Cash offer). So, for instance, you can get the PS4 for about $180 that way ($300 - $60 credit card discount plus $60 in Kohl's cash. Of course, you'll need to buy something with that Kohl's Cash....guess you could put towards another game or two.


the ad says you get $75 kohls cash when buying ps4 & xbox 1

Dragonopolis1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

For every $50 you get $15 Kohl's Cash..... PS4 is advert at $299 so you only get cash up to $250 since there would be $49 left you don't get that $15. That's Five $50's so 5x$15=$75 off comes to around $224 not $209...

I was reading the fine print and I believe the 15% 20% 30% off deals are applied first before the Kohl's cash is applied. if receiving 20% the ps4 bundle dips between the $200-$250 mark so you only get $60 Kohl's cash because the amount is based on $200 (4X$15=$60)so you really don't save any more than the if you got 15% which Kolh's has a coupon save 15% on next purchase online if sign up for email alerts. Easy to do 15% off.

The trick is to get 30% off the $299 bundle Which if applied first would get you close that $209 price. Your still over the $200; so you get $60 in Kohl's Cash. The promo for Percentage off Kohl's Charge card is showing it ends Nov 19th so can't really rely on that promo for 30%.

Anyway.... if Kohl's makes it possible to receive 30% PS4 during Black Friday....It's more like getting the PS4 for $150 and spend that Kohl's Cash on a game.... The only problem is they don't carry many games so hopefully there is something at Kohl's worth buying to recoup the savings....

Any way good times for a gamer at Kohl's if in the market....

Agent-861126d ago

I actually looked at the fine print and it states that if the purchase is within $2 of the earned criteria, they will round it up. Link is below and look at the FAQ "I only spent $48, why did I receive Kohl's Cash?" So, you can get the PS4 for $299 and receive the full cash rebate like it was $300.


Dragonopolis1118d ago

I miss the fine print on the Black Friday Ad itself and It says not valid with any offers or coupons ..... So Get the PS4 bundle for $299 and the Ad does point out you do receive $75 Kohls coupon so The price on the PS4 Bundledoes not dip Below the $250 ($248).

Point if Kohls has other stuff you need or want for $75 then yea... you got the PS4 bundle for $224 but I believe that is it ..... no 15% coupons or other discount offers.....

It is also a door buster so you'll have to wait in line and get in at a Kohls Store hope they have them that could be a long wait depending.....