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With a game that’s been snowballing hype since its announcement in June, Fallout 4 has a lot to live up to. A game that gets overhyped and fails to deliver will go the rout of Evolve, which has developed a nasty mutation that made everyone forget about it after it was released. An overhyped game can cause backlash spanning years out, like how Unity’s botched launch caused Syndicate’s initial sales to be lower than expected. Fallout 4, however, meets those expectations. Things have changed with Bethesda's latest iteration of the Wastelands. Fallout 4 finally feels like a game made by Bethesda.

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Ocsta1098d ago

I am literally loving every second of Fallout 4. It's everything I expected and a lot more. Hey that rhymed :)


same here!! love anything fallout

joab7771098d ago

It's taken a lot of heat from ginger journalists for being ugly and too familiar... no Magick like F3. I disagree. While it is familiar and we will never get that initial feeling of hitting the wasteland for the first time, it improves on everything.

Simikar to Skyrim, many ppl thought it was terribly ugly on consoles, and buggy. But, yrs later ppl are still playing the juggernaut. With the ultra addictive base building and crafting, Fallout 4 is sure to be around for quite some time.

I loved Bloodborne and TW3 this yr. BB offered the beautiful atmospheric challenge that I crave as a gamer. TW3, while being open world, it was the story and best questing I've ever seen that had me hooked. The world was like the backdrop.

In F4, the world is front and center, and the freedom is unparalleled. It is also quite challenging on very hard and the gunplay is now competent enough to use. While it's story will never live up to CDPR's masterpiece, it doesn't have to b/c over 200+ hrs, the story will be mine.

I don't know which game would be my GotY in 2015, I'm just happy I pled 3 of the best games I've ever played this yr. And Fallout 4 DID meet and surpass even my very high expectations.

Next time Bethesda, let's see some Hollywood, rodeo drive, and palm trees. Give us Los Santos post nuclear.