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It’s been ten years since the last entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, an incredibly long time for one of the best selling series on the original Xbox and PlayStation 2. But the wait is over as a new game in the sub-franchise is finally here. EA and DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront is a stunning love letter to the original Star Wars films that is a blast to play.

Star Wars: Battlefront is a predominantly multiplayer focused game that has players fighting either as the mighty Empire or the plucky Rebels across the galaxy on a variety of different planets. The game has a lot to live up to as it’s being compared to both the original Battlefront games and DICE’s Battlefield series, so does it live up to those expectations?

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DarthSocio1124d ago

I went off Battlefront as soon as they said it was multiplayer only and had no space battles. Sorry, I'm not supporting laziness and watered down games. Had a lot of potential to craft something deep from the rich Star Wars lore but instead we get a Battlefront game with Star Wars skins.

madmonkey011124d ago

its not multiplayer only.

fei-hung1124d ago

It's more like TF where you have the same mp maps being used to throw in a Lane excuse of an sp. I wouldn't really call it sp as much as it is lazy mp dressed up as an sp.

IAmLee1124d ago

It pretty much is though.
No single player campaign, MP or Co Op on MP maps..

TKCMuzzer1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I'm sorry but to call the devs lazy just because there is no single player is unfair. A game should not be judged on how much content it has but on the quality of the content it provides.

There are many games that include a single player which quite frankly they needn't have bothered but have done so just to appease gamers, then the result is that the whole game suffers.

carlingtat1124d ago

Leaving out space battles and campaign is not "laziness". EA gave a deadline to DICE to have the game finished by this month to get sales from the Star Wars films. Putting everything the fans wanted into the game would have taken much longer and put the release well into next year. Im not defending EA and their price model/buisness practices. Im defending DICE. To say its lazy is ignorant.

ABBAJESUS1124d ago

When game + season pass is 50-60$, i will pick this up. I'm not getting half game for full price.