A Doctor Who Easter Egg found in Bethesda's Fallout 4?

Keith: This one was sent in by our one time editor, Doc, who also is a huge fan of Doctor Who. And apparently there's a Doctor Who Easter Egg that was hidden in Fallout 4 and he's found it. And while it's one of the smaller ones, it's still a nice find for the Doctor Who fans, so enjoy.

If you don't want to sit through the entire video, just head on over to the 6:50 mark in the video.

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LamerTamer1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Seems a bit of a stretch. It really doesn't really sound like a Dalek. Is just saying "exterminate" an easter egg? Maybe but if it said it higher pitched and like "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! for sure.

I do know that Borderlands 2 was filled with Dr. Who references though.

WeAreLegion1097d ago

Fallout had a Dr. Who reference, I believe.

KwietStorm1097d ago

I was about to say one of the older Fallouts had a Dr Who easter egg. Was it the telephone booth?

Sly-Lupin1097d ago

More a cameo than a reference.