Nintendo Direct 11.12.2015 – Exciting Announcements…and Pokémon Picross

Opinions on Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct.

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JustGamin851098d ago

Really would like to see nintendo talk about its android app, i havent owned a nintendo product since the 64, but i would love to at least have official android based app games.. Maybe they'll somehow tie this service with NX.. idk time will tell.

Bronxs151098d ago

as a nintendo fan i was really disappointed nothing showed interested me.

sure i'm looking forward to zelda but the 2second clip which wasn't really new isn't exciting.

also i'm not one of those people who don't like nintendo or think nintendo is of kids. i happen to own a wii u since launch and all it's amazing first party line up games. i would not say games like DKTF are for kids. BUT that being said, i really feel the other side of the argument now.

this direct felt like nintendo was talking to kids, not because things were colourful or cartoonish, but the tone and demeanour. Especially how bill was explain things, it felt like a presentation prepared for a grade 2 class.

3-4-51097d ago

You've got to be kidding me.

* Final Fantasy: Explorers
* Dragon Quest 7
* Dragon Quest 8
* Fire Emblem: Birthright,Conquest & Revelations.
* LoZ:Twilight Princess HD
* Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
* Legend of Zelda U
* Paper Mario & Luigi
* Mario Tennis

There is still Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokken Tournament, and a few others like Bravely Default that are arriving as well.

* The Dragon Quest 7&8 announcement alone was enough to make it a good Direct, & the Special Edition of Fire Emblem topped it off.

Now, I won't be getting EVERY one of those games but FF Explorers,Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest 7&8, LoZ:TPHD all had me pretty excited.

It was a solid Direct.

Summons751098d ago

The Red/Blue virtual console release was easily the best thing in the Direct and there were a lot of great announcements. I just really want to know what the major Pokemon announcement next month is.