Who’s Winning the Backwards Compatibility Race?

Hardcore Gamer: There's been what seems to be a space race for who can arrive to backwards compatibility first along with who can do it better, but has the race already been lost before it even started?

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ValKilmer1124d ago

Xbox One, considering they're the only current-gen console with backwards compatibility.

Abash1124d ago

Everyone forgets about the Wii U having full BC with Wii games

ValKilmer1124d ago

The Wii U is sort of a mid-gen console like the Dreamcast, though. The NX will be Nintendo's current-gen console.

marioJP871124d ago

Nintendo isnt even worth comparing anymore.

freshslicepizza1123d ago

even more people forget about the pc. buy better hardware and low and behold you can ramp up the settings on so many games that you already own.

Vegamyster1123d ago


It can't be a current gen console if it's not out yet, the Wii-U kicked off the 8th generation of consoles.

PSVitaPS4owner1123d ago

I had a Wii. Outside of the Zelda and Mario games (which were awesome), 95% of the games were garbage. 3rd party games were usually inferior to the 360/PS3 versions. Not exactly a selling point for Wii-U.

styferion1123d ago

"quick, move the goal post... hell yeah, we're winning"

"damn, we forgot about WiiU and PC, quick, find excuses, doesn't matter if it has little relevance with current goalpost"

Godmars2901123d ago

"The Wii U is sort of a mid-gen console like the Dreamcast, though."

In that case the first Xbox was mid-gen, given that it came out after the Dreamcast.

Kingthrash3601123d ago

Anything to get the xbox a win...and it still lost to the wii and what's "mid gen"?
The wiiu wasn't mid gen when the xbox and ps4 passed it in why ignore it now?
Smh reaching

sonarus1123d ago

Lol i wonder what will be the reward for this "race"

AngelicIceDiamond1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

So I guess we're just makin up wars now? Its a very nice feature that the X1 and Wii U yes but no need to over exaggerate it.

ninsigma1123d ago

Wii u counts. It counts when people make fun of it for its sales in comparison to xb1 and ps4 so it therfore counts for bc. Wii u has the best bc because it's native. Xb1 is next and ps4 doesn't have a bc solution (psNow is not bc, it's a service that extends ps games to other devices not just playstation).

I said this in another article recently. I wouldn't call what pc has BC because pc never has a change of architecture. While hardware improves it doesn't actually change in terms of developing for it. There aren't pc generations where you can say "oh yeah this pc can play games from last gen". It just comes down to whether your pc is powerful enough to play a game.

Army_of_Darkness1123d ago

That's right, the wiiU has full and true backwards compatibility from the get go..... But, it obviously doesn't matter or count cause it's not the xbone lol!

remixx1161123d ago

This is a maddd stupid claim article......I mean really??

also yes why is the Wii u always forgotten??

UnHoly_One1123d ago

Abash, you could have stopped at "Everyone forgets about the Wii U"


To most people, it is just PS and Xbox at this point in terms of consoles.

A good chunk of gamers just don't give a lick about Nintendo anymore. Which is sad.

lipton1011123d ago

Dude, if there's a company any less relevant in the industry other than Nintendo, I can't think of it.

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Cupid_Viper_31123d ago

"Hardcore Gamer: There's been what seems to be a space race for who can arrive to backwards compatibility first along with who can do it better"

There has been NO RACE to backwards compatibility...NONE...ZILCH. Shu himself flat out said NO when asked about BC on the PS4, several times, so where's the race? One company is looking to the future because that future is very bright. The other one is looking back longing back because the future is cloudy.

PS4 owners have the ability to SharePlay almost any game they choose to. I've been playing both Fifa 16 and NBA2k16 with my cousin in Florida while I'm up here in Canada, yet I don't own either of these games. I've also played a bunch of Witcher3 missions and I still don't own that game yet. Is there a race for SharePlay that PS4 is winning and everyone else is losing at?

BC on the XBox one is absolutely great for the fanbase and the people who want to use it. But anyone trying to pass this off as some sort of killer feature should really go back and do some more thinking.

The industry is shifting towards VR in a big way. In the next 6 months, both the OR and PSVR will be hitting the market, meaning that both the PC and the PS4 will be offering new ways to play your games and enjoy other entertainment. And one must imagine that Nintendo is also monitoring the VR situation given that their next console is imminent, so who in their right mind is going to be talking about BC past this week even?

Whether VR takes off in a big way or not is yet to be seen, but you can absolutely believe that it will be what everyone will be talking about.

I'll make 2 predictions right here right now:
#1. This article is 1 out 2 of the most heated articles that we will have about BC, after that no one will care.

#2. By the time PSX come around, hardly anyone will be making articles about BC.

ThePope1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


A few things you point out don't make sense:

1. If the "future is so bright" for the PS4 why do they have a PAY service that allows you to play some old games? Sure sounds like they're looking back...for profit.

2. Didn't Sony release hardware specifically designed to play older games? This link suggests so

3. Didn't MS sign a deal with Oculus Rift? Meaning that it will likely support games for you know, MS gaming console. P.s. The VR may have a bright future but is far. Far from a sure thing. While people can talk about it all they want X1 owners will still be playing last gen games they love for free along with current gen.

4. PS4 owners do not have the ability to share play any game they wish as the publisher must ok it and even then it's only for a limited time.

5. The people that need to do some thinking are those that don't think this is a killer feature. Name 1 thing bad about it? I bet you can't find one while there are a dozen reasons it's awesome. You do know that when MS asked gamers what features they wanted BC WAS THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURE BY FAR. That to me sounds like it's value and impact is considerable. Unless you're asserting gamers don't know what they want. I suppose you're right gamers want VR, something 90% of people have never used far more than their most requested feature.

Cupid_Viper_31123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


#1...What....? If the PS4 is so bright, why is Sony using it to make money?????! ?

#2. Again.....What?!

#3. Sigh...again, wow! Seriously, go back to the drawing board and do some more thinking dude. Honestly. One of the biggest things "concerns" you guys have for VR is that the PS4 is too weak to run VR because it can barely run games at 1080p and 60fps. But now the weaker XBox is going to run an even more demanding VR headset in the Oculus Rift? Plus OR THEMSELVES said that they wont support the XBox Natively.....

""No one is really thinking right now about bringing the Rift to a console, especially when the spec is so different from what we're targeting right now."" http://www.windowscentral.c...

#4 SharePlay works INFINITELY for 1 hour at a time. The same way you can drive your car INFINTELY as long as you keep refueling it. Nice try though.

#5 Why exactly would I need to find a negative about it? Right there in my original post I said : "BC on the XBox one is absolutely great for the fanbase and the people who want to use it".

The real problem is that you guys just cannot possibly fathom that BC or anything else Xbox related is not the BIGGEST DEAL in the world. Every single thing that touches the Xbox is GREATEST EVER. HALO? Greatest ever... Gears? Greatest ever? Kinect? Greatest ever? XBox Live? Greatest ever... BC? Greatest ever.... EVERYTHING XBOX is greatest ever. Yet, people are buying the PS4 at 2 to 3 times the rate they buy the Xbox One.....Why is that?

You guys are almost incapable of enjoy anything unless you believe that it trumps absolutely everything else. BC is a great feature, but just like DX12, and Halo 5, and Forza 6, and Gears remastered, and the GREATEST LINE UP IN HISTORY that was supposed to flip the console race on its head, etc.... it won't have that much of an impact. People will enjoy it, and that's ABOUT IT......

WelkinCole1123d ago


PSNow is a streaming gaming service. Its not a BC solution.

Streaming does not require you to own an existing copy of a game to play it like with BC.

PSN is suppose to allow for streaming on different platforms.

BC for X1 is for X1 only.

Two completely different things.

I don't know how many times I have to explain this to you xbox fans and still don't get it.

It is really really basic.

ThePope1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


1. You said that Sony is looking FORWARD in contrast to MS which you assert is looking backwards but several things Sony is doing suggests they are indeed looking BACKWARDS. Aren't they about to release a Ratchet remaster?

2. See above

3.I was just pointing out that MS is in the VR game too and that the X1 will most likely see some sort of functionality. I don't know who "you guys" are but I'm not interested in VR. I don't like the idea of putting something over my eyes and not being able to see anything else going on in my home.

4. My statement was that it only works for a limited time. That is EXACTLY what it does 1 hour is a limited time. Your example about cars is stupid as much more than gas would be needed to allow a car to drive for an hour infinitely.

5. You are 100% trying to downplay BC as if VR and anything Sony is doing (including PSX) will make it irrelevant. Its not just good for the X1 fanbase. Its good for ALL X1 owners. Because it allows you to buy older games that you may not have played.

The real problem isn't that I see everything X1 amazing. Its that people like you see everything X1 as an opportunity to downplay a fantastic console. If you don't like it so much why are you wasting your time in this article? Its people like you that cant handle when the X1 gets something that the PS4 doesn't have.

Also, you want talk about how the fanbase things everything a console does is AMAZING just look at the dozens of articles where Sony Bend or ND hire someone, release concept art, or hell even make a random statement like "games are cool" and YOU and the rest of the defense force go bananas over it. "OMG ND said games are cool!!!!!!" "I think they're cool too!!!!"

So get over yourself. I own a PS4 and X1, do you? There is no way I would miss out on either consoles amazing exclusives. What I wont do is sit here, like you, and downplay a great features(yes that's 100% what you're doing) and then when called out for it pretend otherwise.


I never said they were the same. All is said was to cupid not you that Sony has a service that allows you to pay to play older games. That's it.

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N4GGuy241123d ago

Nintendo with Wii,Wii U, DS and 3DS are always great in supporting backward compatibility. I hope the Xbox One list continues to grow an amazing feature to have. I hope Sony pull some magic and make it happen on PS4. It would be great to play PS3 games. But I highly doubt it the original PS3 had support for PS1 & PS2 games! But Sony took it out and surprise surprise we have many PS2 remasters and releases on same with Gaikai....

_-EDMIX-_1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

? 3DS is BC? Pretty sure I can't play DS games I own on my 3DS...

_-EDMIX-_1123d ago

@Monster- You are correct sir. Just tried it just now and remember it was GBA games and select DS games that didn't work.

Yes most DS games can be played on 3DS, never really used it for that so, out of sight out of mind I guess.

(also realized Bravely Default has lived in my 3DS for some time now lol)

Your are again correct, my mistake.

Kingthrash3601123d ago

Goes to show just how important BC truly is...its a coo feature but when it comes to new hardware you kind of want new games. I tried bc on my xbox one and loved it...played shadow complex...awsome game, doubt I'll be playing it again tho. The whole thing about BC is that it's great to have, but let's face it, if it's a game we own already, we've most likely played it enough to not be as excited to play it again. I'd much rather go out and buy a new game than an old one for my new device. Dosent make since to upgrade then be this excited to play old games. BC on xbox one is too hyped...its great and we love it but this is just too much hype for something that's been happening for decades. ..ps2,ps3,wii,wiiu,ds,3ds,new3 ds,pc have all done hype.

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TheXgamerLive1123d ago

Xbox One as it's the only on with BC, unless he was speaking of the PC.

PS4 doesn't have BC.

Rookie_Monster1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

The one that allows continue playing a save game via cloud saves, play online with last gen console, use current generation's hardware features like streaming and screenshot, allows DLC to work, play the disc games you already owned without extra charge, have previous purchased digital titles showing up instantly for installing, have 2 BC titles free every month for online subscription members is the winner in my book.

remixx1161123d ago

Rookie dude your colors are showing.....

Ps4 is great
xb1 is great
Wii u is happy

PudgeyBurrito1123d ago

Lets not forget that the Xbox One's BC is not full Backwards compatibility. It's selective. 100 titles. I'm sure this will grow in time but there will be many games missing as well in time.

S2Killinit1123d ago

its a loaded question. It assumes there is a "race" to begin with. Personally, I think if there is a race, I would rather have PSNow handy than BC. But that is just me.

Condemnedman1123d ago

Why would you rather pay to play games when you could play them for free? Sorry nothing wrong with psnow but saying you would rather pay than not is blindly ridiculous and stupid.

Liqu1d1123d ago

@condemmedman He might like the idea of being able to play PlayStation games from different devices.

S2Killinit1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

well, because BC isn't really free. Its only "free" for the games you already own. i don't think many people want to replay old games they already played (i don't). So that leaves games you don't have. In that case, On PSNow I can rent a game that I just need to play, for the same price it would cost me gas money to drive to the local game store only to find out that they don't have the particular old game I want. PSNow has the largest collection of rental gaming anywhere, and on demand.

BC on xbox one is not all games, I believe its 100 games currently. And if you want to play a last gen game, you have to go to store, and then find and buy it. So in my opinion, the only time BC shows any value in excess of PSNow is when MS gives games out for free. Otherwise I don't see why you would want to buy old games. With PSNow on the other hand, it scratches a different itch, its for those times that you really want to play a particular genre (ex. strategy), or for when there is that ONE game you really wanted to play. You can just rent it for the price of a cup of coffee and play it instantly. This is why PSNow is ahead of BC if you ask me.

PS: I'm not sure if you get free monthly BC games on xbox. Can anyone fill me in on this? because that would be great of course. But then what happens when the free monthly game is not one of the BC compatible games, I mean there is only 100 BC compatible games currently.

_-EDMIX-_1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

smh. god Val.

Wii U, its BC is NATIVE! It has 100% all Wii comparability, XONE doesn't and likely will never have all 360 support.

What you said was 100% factually wrong.

showtimefolks1123d ago

who wins honestly? fanboys and trolls because now they can tout about feature they may never use but since it's exclusive to their console its the must have feature

ps3 had BC and when it was taken away how many gamers were really affected?

i believe if both ps4 and xbox one had BC than we wouldn't hear anything about it. whenever one console has a feature that the other doesn't than to fanboys that become the must have IT feature

atleast that's my opinion on this matter after being a gamer for 25 years

MazzingerZ1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Lol yeah
I used that on PS3 for one single PS2 game during transition and no PS1 game despite of PS1 BC being there all the time

I barely have time To play current games why would I like To combine my gaming time with old titles?...they already feel old...within 1 years gameplay will feel even more awkward

I never looked back To PONG or Atari, NES, osv...why would I care today?

One touting BC as a main feature and the other going forward with VR and more 1st party titles, I guess I'm happy with one console today, it's enough for me as it will probably allow me to play most of the top rated games this gen

showtimefolks1123d ago


Exactly how many of these gamers who post articles and leave happy comments about BC are actually gonna use this and how many of those are just touting it as a must have feature

It's amazing before ps4 and Xbox one all the articles were about moving on to next gen because games werent feeling next gen so now that we are in next gen people want to play last gen games

I barely have time for newer games and I don't want to play last gen games anymore

If both ps4 and Xbox one had BC than I bet you no one would even care. People like major Nelson are turning on the real PR machines and people are buying into it

alb18991123d ago

You could say the same about 1080p.

showtimefolks1122d ago


yes sir and same thing with that. how many of us can tell through naked eye the difference between 1080P and 900P on a 46 inch TV?

1080P 60FPS
well my pc can do 4K with x amount of frame rates
LOL your system can only do 720P
lol consoles can barely reach 30FPS

all these are crap simple as that. people just want to tout about something no matter which platform they have and all the arguments are just don't make any sense

enjoy gaming whether thats 720 or 4k and let others enjoy too without feeling like they are inferior because of their choice of platforms

MazzingerZ1122d ago

Agree, it has always been gameplay, story telling, game design, character development, immersion, etc what it makes a GREAT game...last gen PR folks started this stuff with sales numbers and graphics....for me it's about How you use each pixel instead

Game on!

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Retroman1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

this why we have this dumb article "Sony not in the race" of backward compatibility. if they were the article would say "why microsoft not in the race "

each week we get dumb article . wake up gamers! shit!!
im tired coming here month after month reading same bullsh't to get blinded dumb gamers to agree with editors reviews . no one has personally tested or tried the fking game themselves . but everyone a master critic .
im not on here to gain bubbles or friendship to kiss anyone ass. but to tell the TRUTH. it is what it is!!!

Insomnia_841123d ago

So now there's a bc race?? LMFAO!

hiredhelp1123d ago

Why Tag PC n article if not going to mention about it.
Actually PC will always lead fact but on console front as it stands at the moment.
PS2 why cos play old ps games. Trust me first ps had epic amount games.

mechlord1123d ago

It's not a race since they aren't even competing. Its like saying qhis winning the VR race. When only one party is doing it, you really cant call it a competition

otherZinc1123d ago Show
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Majin-vegeta1124d ago

@Val Lol sorry no but backwards Comp goes to the Wii u.As it can play every Wii game released.Where as in the xbone you're limited to whatever MS can get on it.

1123d ago
MRMagoo1231123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Xbone. The pc wins along with wiiu. The ps4 isn't even in the race cos they don't even have bc and don't seem to want it implemented at all. The you can only really give the loser crown to one of the 3 in the race. Xbone

Psnow isn't backwards compatibility it's a streaming service and you may want to get that cough checked as well when you are done being wrong.

VforVideogames1123d ago

ps4 is not n the race? cough psnow cough!!

WelkinCole1123d ago

You must be young.

I will explain it so that you will understand

BC stands for backward compatible. What it means is that your console/machine is compatible with your older software you ALREADY OWN.

PSNow is a streaming gaming service that allows you to play games available on the service that you don't own a copy and will be accessible on different platforms.


stonecold31124d ago

prefer hd remakes for me like uncharted collection and god of remake

_-EDMIX-_1123d ago

I mean....I do too, but pretty sure none of those titles where remade lol

Apocalypse Shadow1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Stop the stupidity. The race never started. Just another *Xbox one promotion article* or *please buy a wiiu* to win some type of metric.

One is a service that you can stream to ANY compatible device including Xbox one.One is LIMITED software BC for one system.

Gaikai was bought to stream games.onlive was bought for patents and to improve streaming technology to all compatible devices.

Look...Microsoft is losing. Creating new metrics like who is winning the BC race or how many users have Xbox accounts or how many battles were waged in halo 5 warzone doesn't mean you're winning.

Microsoft is losing.

They were caught off guard by Sony when ps4 was announced.they botched their game strategy with TV,TV,TV,no used games and get a 360 if you don't like what we are doing.they are being outsold worldwide in HARDWARE and SOFTWARE sales. They have less power under the hood and worse multiplat versions.they have less exclusives and less exclusives announced for the future.they have no support for kinect while everyone and their mom wants to make vr games for a new OPTIONAL way to play.

Microsoft is losing.

Soon they'll count the amount of button presses from all connected xbox controllers worldwide as a metric.

Stop the nonsense when PS now and software BC are not the same and NOT the thing that MATTERS.

As for the Nintendo wiiu,BC is not helping them at doesn't matter at all if no one is BUYING the system to enjoy that BC.So Nintendo wins nothings as they are bringing out something else because of Wiiu's failure.the longest one out on the's a failure.

(NX)t topic.

sammarshall1021124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

How is paying for games to be streamed better than running them native through software emulation and for free

And why are you so off topic

Microsoft obviously has the best solution

Apocalypse Shadow1124d ago

It is on topic.we are talking about:


Creating new metrics is just deflecting what really matters.

Having full BC on wiiu does not change the fact that no one is BUYING wiiu.Nintendo making awesome exclusives does not change the fact that no one is buying large amount of third parties means no one is buying the wiiu.Nintendo taking forever to release games for it means no one is buying the wiiu.

Microsoft releasing LIMITED BC doesn't change the fact that it is being bought LESS.

PS4 not having BC doesn't change the fact that it is outselling them BOTH combined.PSNow is NOT BC.

You're like one of those people that like to deflect the main issue with something else.

you and I are in a 10 mile footrace.I beat you by 10 minutes and the last mile is run backwards.and what do you say after the race in the interview?

"I have blue on.""I win."


What does wearing **blue** have to do with the footrace?

Nothing.BC is a nice feature.but is NOT SELLING CONSOLES.

Wake up.

BattleAxe1124d ago


Come to Canada, you'll feel right at home here. Prime Minister Trudeau is planning on legalizing marijuana.

ABizzel11123d ago


Well prior to PS+ Gaikai and Onlive allowed games to be streamed at 60fps, the vast majority of 360 titles weren't 60fps, so there's a plus there.

By streaming the titles they can also add more elements, patches, etc... into the coding of the game and not have to worry about redistributing the games all over again. Just buff the game stream and boom everyone has it.

Finally they don't even have to use the PS3 versions of many of these games. They could realistically use the PC versions and as mentioned above patch PS controls and buttons to those games, and have MUCH better looking and better performing games (another benefit that the original Gaikai and OnLive had). But then people would complain false advertisement, and they're not getting an inferior PS3 version.

The only problem with PS+ is the price right now, and the fact that you can simply put your existing PS3 game disc in the console and instantly have access to that game on PSNow.

Microsoft has a more traditional BC, but it's currently EXTREMELY limited in game scope. Hopefully they'll keep a steady amount of games coming to the service each month, and that library builds up quickly, but for now IMO it's just a try and move on.

Wii U has the best console BC, being fully BC with Wii. That being said I don't understand why GC games weren't compatible as well considering the exact same architecture with significantly more power behind it.

PC works with pretty much 99% of games.

Overall this entire argument is plain stupid. No one has been praising Wii U for it's BC in the last 2 years, and the same will happen for XBO. It's a nice feature to have at launch to help ease the transition between consoles, and MS has do an amazing job by allowing XBO players to still fully interact with 360 players, but BC is not a "race". It's a freaking feature.

TheCommentator1123d ago

@ Abizzel

PS Now is a low resolution, badly compressed, stereo audio version of an old game that doesn't even support the same functions or accessories as the originals. Nevermind the rental cost and data usage for your internet or the fact you can't own the software.

@ Apocalypse

If you know the topic is BC, why are you talking about the launch, processing power, exclusives, or console sales? If you can't stay on topic or even remain polite when you post, I think you need to take a break.

Liqu1d1123d ago

Wii U's backwards compatibility is better.

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starchild1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Wow, and I was beginning to think this kind of blatant, over-the-top fanboyism was dying out on N4G.

JasonKCK1123d ago

You must have been in one of those half awake half asleep states when you were thinking that.