7 Games That Don't Exist but Should

COG writes - We've all thought of our own awesome game that hasn't ever been made but really should be. We make a list of our top 7 games that don't exist but should.

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MercilessDMercer1095d ago

That Pokemon one is a great idea! All about that. NHL Street also gets my vote! I'd love to see a new Oregon Trail, but I think pairing it with red dead was a mistake... Great list though!

NukaCola1095d ago

I can't believe that its been nearly 20 years and we've never gotten a true console Pokémon title.

Godmars2901095d ago

You're talking about online, an MMO no less, and Nintendo.

GrapesOfRaf1095d ago

Should be called NHL Pond ;)

MRBIGCAT1095d ago

There was an NHL street style game released a few years ago. Just can't recall the name but EA sports released it and I believe it was 3-on-3.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1095d ago

I think the need to do NBA Jam style game for all professional sports.....cause why not.

Godmars2901095d ago

Forgot about the bastard child of Spyhunter and Burnout.

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