Nintendo NX Theory Video – Nintendo Infinite, Price, Controller and More

"This is an interesting theory video on the Nintendo NX which touches on the potential price, controller, name and more. There's a NX logo too, which is turned into 'Nintendo Infinite'."

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DivineAssault 1096d ago

I think its going to be nintendo cross.. regular controller posibly slide your phone in it w their new app thats coming.. Or a handheld controller that recognizes you own the game through the console so you download it.. Who knows but it might have 128GB SD card based games..

ABizzel11095d ago

The problem with this concept is the same problem with the Wii U vs 3DS, but magnified.

What's the point of most Nintendo gamers owner the console when they can get the handheld and in this case have the exact same experience?

3DS has 5x the sells of Wii U, and while both have very similar game lineups (3ds has a much better 3rd party presence, but 1st party they're similar), so how would giving them the same library change that at all.

It would be the same issue all over again.

It's not just the PS / XB, that Nintendo has to compete with. Their real enemy is their handheld, because the majority of their fanbase are fine with only buying the handheld and calling it a generation.

*For their console to succeed it needs an amazing entry price $199 - $299 ($249), because PS4 / XBO are already seeing the $299 price this holiday season and come 2016 it will likely be standard pricing for those consoles, which is the mass adoption price for the core-casual (another group of around 50m gamers).

*THEY HAVE TO LAUNCH THE CONSOLE BEFORE THE HANDHELD. This is the most imperative thing. The handheld will sell regardless, the console; however, needs to hit the ground running and that's why a holiday launch and a entry price are MUST for NX.

*They need a killer E3 and killer software Day 1. The launch and Year 1 games have to be AAA best of what Nintendo has to offer so gamers will want to drop $299 on it ASAP. Wii U backwards compatibility, and launch with HEAVY HITTERS like:

*Amiibo Game (similar to Skylanders / Disney Infinity, packed in with the console)
*Mario Kart 9
*New Super Mario Bros
*Mii Sports (big collection of sports mini games)
*Nintendo Remix (Similar to Rare Remix, but classic games spanning NES, SNES, N64, and possibly GC)
*And plenty of multiplform games such as all the HD Collections from prior years (Borderlands Collection, Saint's Row, etc...), but more specifically the big titles of 2016 (Dragon Quest XI, Mass Effect, etc...).

Early 2017 you need big Nintendo Directs, with launches for,:

*Pokemon Snap
*Donkey Kong Country
*Pikmin 4

Then you need a huge E3 with launches for:

*Smash Bros. 5
*3D Mario
*Hyrule Warriors 2
*Pokemon Stadium 3 (w. a campaign)
*Mario Party 11
*Nintendo Remix 2 (they have that many games where a sequel is possible),

And from there forth it's time to bring out the the classics and franchises that have been forgotten over the years, and make the NX the second coming of the SNES + N64.

*Pokemon MMO
*3D Metroid
*Kid Icarus
*Kirby Adventure

And plenty of NES, SNES, N64, GC classics such as: Super Mario RPG, Wave Race, Shinobi, Beyond Good and Evil, Turok, Cruis’n the World, Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, Earhtworm Jim, Contra, Megaman, Custom Robo, Viewtiful Joe 3, Just Dance, Rayman Exclusive, Platinum Games, Guitar Hero (MarioMix), Monkey Ball, Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom 2, SSX Tricky 2, Eternal Darknes 2, NBA Jamz (Space Jam DLC), MME Wrestling, Ready to Rumble Boxing, Super Tecmo Bowl, Vigilante 8, Clay Fighters, Primal Rage, Samurai Shodown,

and finally at least moderate 3rd party support (good support from JP, ok support from the West).

DivineAssault 1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Like i said, its possibly going to have a regular controller that you can attach your phone to.. The handheld thing might be a separate SKU that lets you play scaled down versions of the game on the go.. The handheld and home console divisions merged.. SSmash bros on wii u/3DS is a perfect example of how the games can be scaled.. Just bigger and better now.. (If you say wii u backwards compatibility, it needs 2 screens) and a disc drive..

They can make a powerful system w/o the cost of a disc drive for $299 if it uses cards for the games.. and those same games can either be downloaded or popped into the handheld controller (sold separately).. They could make a bundle with both units for $450.. Just theories because nothing is solid yet however rumors of the dev kits are what im basing this on. And if DQ11 is going to be on it, its going to be powerful enough to run UR4..

We might all be wrong and its just a new handheld device on the go that can plug into the TV via hdmi for dual screen gameplay at home

ABizzel11095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )


1. It's going to be be hard having the phone controller, considering nto everyone has a smartphone, and all phone have varying dimensions when it comes to size, so that idea for the controller means it needs an X, Y, and Z axis scale to make sure each phone comfortably fits into the pad. That's just too much and extremely unlikely to happen, the controller should be the most simple interface for the user, and I think they're just going to use a standard Controller like the Wii U Pro controller.

2. The concept of games like Smash being on Wii U/3DS sounds great in practice, but in reality it gives people no reason to buy the console, when everything they want to play is on the cheaper and just as capable handheld. 3DS Smash outsold the Wii U 2:1. The only way this remotely works is if it comes to the console first, then the handheld where the majority of Nintendo fans are. It's a great concept, but the 3DS / Wii U is already proving that it benefits the handheld more and hurts the console.

3. There are full games on eShop for Wii U, so BC won't need a HDD on the handheld, just a large SD card (which can be bought for cheap on BF, 128GB cards for $40 this year).

4. Not having a disc drive in the console would be a complete disaster. While USB / SDcards would be much better than reading from a disc drive, the fact is they cost MUCH more to mass produce than a DVD / Blu Ray, and offer less storage comparatively when it comes to their pricing. A disc drive is a $30 expense at most to the console, and saves them hundreds of thousands if not millions in the long run over producing games on 4GB - 8GB SD cards (when games are running 20GB and up).

I just don't see the need in paying $200 for a handheld and $300 for a console, and end up with the same experience, except the $200 you can take on the go and play all those games, while the $300 console gives you higher resolution, better graphics, and possibly better framerates 3 things which aren't priorities for most Nintendo gamers, who have no problem buying and playing games on 3DS over Wii U.

I completely get what you're saying about the console and handheld experience, and how it has potential, especially if you buy 1 version of the game and you get both NX console and NX handheld downloads. But again to most of Nintendo fans (who are on handheld), what's the point of buying a $300 console when the handheld itself can do all of that.

That's the point you, and Nintendo have to completely sell fans on with this concept, and $500 is a bit steep for most Nintendo fans, who weren't jumping for joy at a $250 3DS, and to this day haven't rushed to buy a $350 Wii U.

It took a price cut down to $169 to bring the masses on board with 3DS, and Wii U will have a drop down to $249 this holiday at some retailers, so we'll see if that help.

ABizzel11095d ago

"We might all be wrong and its just a new handheld device on the go that can plug into the TV via hdmi for dual screen gameplay at home."

And honestly as much as people would hate that, it's the best thing for Nintendo to do after this generation. They simply have no console market.

NA: Is dominated by Xbox and PS.
EU: Is dominated by PS.
JP: Has a smaller interest in console, and is dominated by handheld and mobile.
RoW: Is dominated by PS.

They really have no market for a console, outside of a rare niche hit like the Wii. That means go full handheld (which would be unfortunate, but has huge benefits), or go full casual with the console and a $199 price (which would be great for business, but completely piss off many core gamers).

A handheld only future means Nintendo can pour 100% support into the device, meaning a dream portable from them. Mobile technology already exceeds the hardware that the Wii U offers, so performance can at least be on par with the Wii U at a $299 price.

And frankly tablets have taken over in the US and EU, especially among children, which is evident by the fact that 3DS sells are the lowest EVER for a Nintendo handheld in those regions, and for the first time EVER Japans sells have surpassed both North America and Europe sells for a Nintendo handheld (yes that little country has sold more units than either continent). It's just telling of where their focus needs to be.

Their console market is pretty much a 5 - 10 million gamers per region (maybe more in the US).

Their handheld market is around 20m per region right now, down from the previous gen of 50 / 50 / 30 with the DS, and 40 / 20 / 20 for the previous low seller the GBA. They need to get their handheld market back up, and simply let the console race go.

Personally I want to see another console form them, and give them a chance at the market "as a fan". But from a business perspective I just don't see the market for Nintendo, outside of going completely casual and offering entry level hardware at $199 (a $199 NX can actually be a decent console come 2016, around 1 TFLOP of performance).

But their handheld market has a chance to recoup and continuously do well, if Nintendo puts all their support into it.

JackHirsch1096d ago

Very interesting theory. Cool logo and design.

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Miraak82 1095d ago

I just hope NINtendo makes a somewhat standardized controller , maybe like the snes but modern . Their controllers (although tries to be innovative) usually ends up being letdowns with a bunch of gimmicks .

moparful991095d ago

Agreed begining with the gamecube ive not liked nintendo consoles primarily because of their awful controllers. I hated the Wii mote.. The Wii U tablet is good a little uncomfortable..

abstractel1095d ago

I think they know they need 3rd party support now and the console will reflect that. I also think it will have something unique about it, but from the sounds of it, it will be quite powerful and I can't want to see Nintendo games like Zelda in current-gen or better quality. If it really is that powerful, I will get it for sure.

Only reason I haven't gotten the Wii U is because it feels like a past gen console.

filchron1095d ago

Stupid. If anything they codenamed it N^x just like the N^64. just makes more sense for them to have it be a call back to either the (ĒN)64 or the (ĒN)E.S. Dont know how far up his ass he had to reach to get Nintendo "Infinite". Facepalm.

ConsoleFanboy1095d ago

I think if you look at the logo he came up with for NX you see where the design allowed it to be both NX and the Infinity sign at the same time.

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