The Latest Nintendo Direct Was a Bright Return to the Limelight

What should we expect of a Nintendo Direct? Megatons, subtle updates, comedy, straight-faced detail, important information? The strength of the format, ultimately, is that is can tackle any and all of these approaches, often within the same presentation. The 12th November broadcasts generally did this, especially in the case of Nintendo of America's effort - Nintendo of Europe was far more straight-laced, while NoA had a quirky sketch in which Bill Trinen stuffed his face with donuts. Flexibility is a key strength of the Direct brand.

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ConsoleFanboy1125d ago

Great Nintendo Direct! Big N really shined.

3-4-51125d ago

* It was a very good Direct IMO.

* Final Fantasy Explorers
* Dragon Quest 7
* Dragon Quest 8
* Paper Mario & Luigi
* LoZ:Twilight Princess: HD
* Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
* Pokken Tournament
* Legend of Zelda U
* Bravely Second is also coming in 2016
* Fire Emblem: Birthright, Conquest & Revelations
^ 3 Fire Emblem Games worth of content & stories.
* Star Fox
* Mega Man Legacy Collection
* Mario Tennis

A few more I'm missing but yea 2016 is going to be a very good year for 3DS, and a pretty good year for Wii U, with Legend of Zelda U topping it off.

* All that plus we get the reveal of the NX and a few games for the NX as well.

All this has lead to me being even more excited about Nintendo's future than I already am.

* Nintendo & Square-Enix have a strong working relationship again.

This is great news for getting future SE games on the 3DS/NX.

iplay1up21125d ago

What about Xeonoblade X, only the biggest game for Wii U. I can't wait till December 4th. That game has me very excited. Beautiful World!

Ck1x1125d ago

Hopefully they go from here and continue to build hype lead up to the NX reveal and E3...

pcz1125d ago

it was far better than their e3 show.

i was still disappointed with the lack of wiiu titles for 2016 though

the wiiu is finished beyond all doubt. all the games due for release now are little more than a consolation

Pillsbury11125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

It showed me that they are preparing for what's coming next. With only a few games coming out next year they are definitely preparing for what comes after wii u. Predicting E3 2016 reveal with fall 2016 release.

Crimzon1125d ago

"only a few games coming out next year"

Is that really so different from any other year? That's always been one of Nintendo's biggest problems in my opinion, is their releases are few and far between, which is made worse by the lack of third party support.

BullyMangler1125d ago

We cant just play and play and play games . and expect Nintendo to keep feeding us games and games non stop . . the problem is you, not nintendo ?

wonderfulmonkeyman1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

"Only a few games".
Did you not see the quite recent video of over a HUNDRED titles coming to the Wii U in just the early part of 2016?

And please, before anyone comments to downplay the video for showcasing indies; even Sony and Microsoft recognize Indies as an important games resource.
They're just as much a part of a more well-rounded library of games on a Nintendo system as they are anywhere else.

rjason121125d ago

I agree, I just wish there were more retail titles, never in a gen have I gotten close to owning all the games on a console that I've wanted (and I've got close to 25-35 retail Wii u games).

AKR1125d ago

That Direct only showcased games for this year and the first half of next year (excluding Zelda U). We don't know anything past the summer.

zugdar1125d ago

I agree. While there were very little new announcements we got much needed detail on many games that have been in the works for a while.

I was mostly surprised by the support of older games. Splatoon, Zelda TFH, Smash and others were given extra attention even after launching a while ago. Most of it is even free. This may either be a distraction as they work on the NX and future games or hopefully a growing trend of solid continued support for released games.

DivineAssault 1125d ago

They know how to put on good shows.. All i want tthis year is DLC Cloud for smash andd xenoblade x though.. Zelda looks stunning! That short trailer had so much detail in it.. That game is going to be amazing..

DigitalRaptor1125d ago

It was a glorious Direct.

The art style for the new Zelda is gorgeous.

Zelda, RiME and The Last Guardian are going to be some of the best looking games of 2016.

jb2271125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

"Zelda, RiME and The Last Guardian are going to be some of the best looking games of 2016"

Definitely agree...I wish the general gaming populace would get over the idea that a game has to shoot for realism to be considered good looking aesthetically. Stylized games not only inspire more imagination, they have also been proven time & again to have the most lasting & durable appeal. Games that shoot for a stylized approach never really age, whereas games that shoot for a realistic approach look dated w/in a year & sometimes on the release itself. Can't wait to see more from these games next year...if there was nothing else dropping, it'd still be an amazing 2016...add all of the other potentially instant classics that will be dropping and it's looking even better than 2015...This is when the console cycle truly takes off & I couldn't be more excited to see what will come of it.

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