Who's got 100 hours to play Fallout 4?

The QorC crew chew the fat about Fallout 4 and open world games in general. How does anyone ever get to the end of games that demand hours of our time, when there’s washing up to do and kids to raise?

Who'd be a gamer, huh?

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Likketysplit1098d ago

Kinda wish Fallout 4 wasn't out now. November and December are always really busy months and after putting 30 hours plus into Metal Gear, and I now have to find the same time and more to put into Fallout. Still, though, this game is so good that i am totally going to do it. Christmas is cancelled.

Grap1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Who has the time listen to you? i dunno man 30min of bull$htting is a lot.

yellowgerbil1097d ago

I've passed the 40hr mark already on fallout took a LONG weekend. Now am back at work so only an hour or 2 a day, but still expect to reach 100 by years end

WeAreLegion1098d ago

I will over the next year or so. :( Wish I had more.

KwietStorm1098d ago

I don't know why this is a persistent debate. How does anyone have time to do anything in life? Thankfully, gaming has no deadlines. You're not forced to do anything on someone else's time. People get caught up in the hype of new releases and feel like they *have* to complete all these objectives immediately. Why? Just have fun with the game. I saw people with the platinum trophy in MGSV a week or two after release. lol take a breather. Unless you buy every game that releases, there's more than enough time to play.

remixx1161098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

This, exactly this, 100% this, if people don't stop complaining about games being "too long" then devs are gonna start taking them seriously.

Its kinda funny actually, these same guys that complain about games being long are the first ones to cry about how short halo 5s campaign was or how the order 1886 wasn't long enough for 60 beans.....make up your minds.

_-EDMIX-_1098d ago

" if people don't stop complaining about games being "too long" then devs are gonna start taking them seriously"

I don't know if I've legit heard that many times.

Games is not a singular thing so I'm not sure why many keep trying to add this base number to an hour on a game.

Fallout being an RPG, is known to be long by default as MOST RPGs are.

Games that are action based are also known to be much shorter due to variety and fatigue, its not going to be fun to mash that button over and over at the 40th or 60th me.

Thus, hours in games are not by default a set thing, they vary based on the game, genre etc. Developers tend to stick around times that justify the genre. Its why I never got people trying to use Witcher 3 as some staple of quantity in terms of hours on games, yet disregard RPGs are normally long games.

I would say, 100 hours for Fallout is quite fine as if your an RPG fan, you kn ow what your getting into so who got 100 hours to play Fallout 4? Probably an RPG fan as this isn't brand new to RPG gamers, this is common place.

Genova841098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

15-30 hours is the sweet spot for me.

I just "finished" new vegas. About 35 hours total. Started getting tired at 30.

Bloodborne, about 35 as well. Last couple hours seemed like a drag.

MGSV, started getting bored at 22 hours in.

Longest I've played a single player game was Witcher 3 clocking in about 80 hours. That doesn't ever really happen.

Some perfect length games are:

1. Bioshock 1, 2 and infinite.
2. Wolfenstein: The New Order
3. Shadow of Mordor
4. The Evil Within
5. Tomb Raider
6. Crysis

Games that were too short:

1. Ryse
2. The Order: 1886
3. Stick of truth

Very few games feel "too short" to me. I also don't mind long games. If I don't finish a game, that's ok. Even after 80 hours with the Witcher 3, I wasn't done. There was still a ton to do in new vegas, but in felt content with what I actually did.

Fez1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

I'm not sure you can prove that it is the exact same guys that also complain about short campaigns... seems very unlikely to me. Sounds like you've just made that up tbh.

Even if it is true, it's possible to find 100+ hours of content too long and less than 10 hours content too short. Having a preference towards 10-20 singleplayer experiences seems reasonable to me.

Personally, I prefer tight games that are maximum 15 hours. I want as little time wasted as possible. Limited backtracking, limited travel time etc. Currently slogging my way through MGSV with no end in sight... great game and very enjoyable but for me it is far too long. Much prefer the tighter experiences of the other MGS games.

remixx1161097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

@fez dude don't be naive and take what I said to literal, of course I don't know if these are the "exact" same people, I'm just assuming they are part of the same demographic of gamers and that demographic being "petty" gamers who take issue with whatever they play.

There is nothing wrong with long games, you might have an issue with them but that isn't an issue the devs need to correct.

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_-EDMIX-_1098d ago

Some of those that platinum that game in a week are also some of the record holders in the time trials, speed runs etc in the MGS series. Many die hard fans will seek to 100% the game on all difficulties pretty fast, its more common then you think.

If you feel someone should "take a breather" your applying how YOU play games to how they play games. It doesn't work that way lol. I have about 85 hours in MGSV right now, i know a few who got that in literally a week and a half of the games release. It happens ,even as a huge MGS fan, I know some bigger die hards exist.

Also...who is to say they are not having fun? lol I mean, that might be fun to them doing that. Speed runners are not just playing for numbers, they still actually have fun playing the titles they actually play. I'm friends with someone who has many world records in some games and he actually plays for enjoyment, he isn't mad or playing out of anger or a chore or anything lolz.

He might hold the record for some of the Zelda titles, but he still actually plays and replays them many times for fun, that is a big misconception on people who actually game like that.

I don't personally play that way, but I understand those that do. That is their fun to them.

slappy5081098d ago

Well I've put in 50 hours so far, and a full time job. But i guess I can manage because I'm single and stuff, so I only occasionally set time aside to eat and stuff!

remixx1161098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

You better put that game down and give them girls a chance, I see them starin in at you over there ;)

slappy5081098d ago

My charisma is not a high enough level!

remixx1161098d ago

When you get out the vault, head back to sanctuary and go inside your sons room, you'll find a book under the bed, use it to increase your charisma...

Go gettem playboy

Kipster1098d ago

I'm saving all these long games for when I've got the time to play them. I reckon retirement should do it. See you in 30 years, Fallout 4!

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