All the Reasons We're Excited Cloud is in Super Smash Bros

Cloud Strife, the brooding blonde hero of Final Fantasy VII, is joining the roster of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. At first it sounds strange: Final Fantasy VII was never on a Nintendo console, and Smash Bros. is already packed with another sword-wielding heavies (Cloud seems like a heavy, I mean, look at that Buster Sword). Nevertheless, we're stupidly excited to see his addition. Here's why!

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ultimatetruth1100d ago

Smash Ballots are rigged as f*ck

RPGrinder1100d ago

Who said this was ballot?

ultimatetruth1100d ago

How else did Cloud get into Smash?

RPGrinder1100d ago

He got in because Square was going to get a rep, and Cloud is there most popular character

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1100d ago

So you're telling me. In one month they was able to make a deal with Square Enix and made a fully functional stage and character.


1100d ago