21 Leaked Images (High-res) from Socom: Confrontation Beta

Looking4GameNews writes: "Hello everybody, a member from the PlayStation forums emailed me these incredible photos from the Socom Confrontation Beta, which is coming out to the people that pre-ordered the game on September 1st, and for Qore suscribers on September 8th, I hope that you enjoy the pics."

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skynidas3659d ago

This game is looking better everytime i see it

superflyguy3659d ago

Hopefully it's nothing like Metal Gear Online, where it takes too many shots to kill someone and only one or two to the head kill them instantly. I also hope the gameplay is solid with no lag.

StephanieBBB3659d ago

But it still looks nice =)

kevin11123659d ago

superfly, the only thing in common between mgo and socom is third person view. mgo online doesnt compare to this, socom is definitely one of the best shooters online. you have nothing to worry about.

Tarasque3659d ago

People seem to keep amazing me on this site. Give me a break it looks worse than GRAW, if you people do not want to admit it then fine. But unfortunatley i have eyes and eyes do not lie regardless if fanboys do. If the graphics are so lacking the gameplay footage dont seem to be above and beyond so what is going to set this game apart from the top shooters now? Nothing far as i have read on it or seen on it.

agentace3658d ago

what are u on about it looks great, better than COD4 and seeing as the pics were taken by some1 who cant hold a camera still you cant even jugde most of the pics cause there blurry

Tarasque3658d ago

I have seen good videos of this in action (in qore and gametrailers) and sorry i am in no way shape or form impressed.

SmokeStack3658d ago

SOCOM has never been about the graphics.

LaPenta9113658d ago

have yo ever played socom before

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God of N4G3659d ago

Might make it a "big 3" this holiday season with SOCOM, MS2:PR and LBP!

EDIT: R2 can wait until judgment is passed on KZ2.

WIIIS13659d ago

Um, if that's the BIG 3, it sure ain't worth a celebration.

snoopgg3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

If anyone has played that old socoms, then I don't see any reason why they wouldn't like this one. Its gonna rock!

jlytle12343658d ago

"Um, if that's the BIG 3, it sure ain't worth a celebration."
what flash games do you play then?

thor3659d ago

Graphically, looks very poor to me. But as people keep reminding me, socom has never been about the graphics but the super-addictive and fun gameplay. So we will see :)

Milkman5413659d ago

Socom has never been about the mind blowing graphics. It is however all about great gameplay, good teamwork and very deep clan support, which in the end trumps the graphics.

snoopgg3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

games don't look good in the still pictures. Play it on a Hd tv and I can promise you it will look way better then what we have to judge it on now.

sabbath4203658d ago

Since the last socom there have been so many (super addictive) games of that type to come along. socom was one of the few good war games on the ps2, but now that has all changed and we have many more war games to choose from.

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PoSTedUP3659d ago

this cant be socom! it looks too good! oh man this is going to be great.

PSNID: StreetVeteran (name since socom1)

this is the only game i need right here!!

clintos593659d ago

I am hoping it turns out as good as the first 2. Should be spending tons of hours playing this just as I am on MGO.