Metal Gear Solid 4: Rinse, repeat, resolve?


"Ever since the success of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima had avoided making the kind of sequel typical of the games industry. MGS2 intricately paralleled MGS with a self-reflexive structure that collapsed by design: the first postmodern video game. MGS3 avoided the problem entirely by being a prequel. But with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the pressure was finally too much to bear."

Editor's note: many spoilers lie ahead for the entire plot of Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Manhunt1231123d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 > MGS V: The Phantom Pain

breakpad1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

MGS 4 has by far the most precise and most deep controls and mechanics in the series ...also its graphics engine it s by far more complex (and better imo) than its cheap brother Fox s the best MGS upon everything it is concernig mechanics and gameplay ...but its weak story plot gives it the third place among MGS series (1st MGS3, 2nd original MGS)..IT is far superior than the boring MGSV and its online multiplayer is the best competitive multiplayer game yet

Germany71122d ago

Without a doubt, well said.

UltraNova1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Amen bro, Amen.

I don't know what happened to me while playing MGS4, I always felt I've been here before and that somehow Kojima wanted me to go through it again in an effort to make me understand more of his story.

After reading this piece of expertly, eloquently written and deeply informative piece of real game journalism on Kojima's prime work, while seeing all similarities and concept 'recycling' condensed, it all becomes clearer to me. He really wanted MGS4 to be the last one, he wasn't kidding. That game was as much fan service as it was tying loose ends and removing all future expectations from us.

Kojima is truly out of this world. A brilliant twisted mind. A creator I will always admire and support by owning his creations. I cant wait for the next chapter.

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SovereignSnaKe1123d ago

~I still remember the hate that everyone wrought on MGS4 like it was yesterday. A word of advice for the Author: -Play the Phantom Pain and you'll be singing a completely different tune Sweetheart. The Phantom Pain made me appreciate how great MGS4 actually was and how heartbreakingly bad The Phantom Pain actually was. And what's more, longing for something that actually felt like a real Metal Gear game.

the_dark_one1122d ago

Yep, i feel like they went open world and more action just to grab the attention of more gamers

Imalwaysright1122d ago

Kojima went open world and focused on gameplay because MGS story ended with MGS4. MGS5 was made because Konami wanted for it to be made.

SolidGear31122d ago

Finally, people that agree with me. Metal Gear Solid was one of my favorite franchises until MGSV was announced to be open world with very little cinematics.

Imalwaysright1122d ago

And mgs4 felt like a real MGS game? Way too many cinematics and barely any stealth gameplay that is synonimous with the series let alone gameplay in general. MGS3 had the perfect balance between gameplay and cinematics.

SolidGear31122d ago

It's very hard for me to choose between 1 through 4 as to which my favorite is. I've tried for years and I honestly can't. Any other series and I can instantly name my favorite but not MGS.

2pacalypsenow1122d ago

Mgs4 is the best in the series

DigitalRaptor1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

MGS4 was the game it needed to be. The article mentions "resolve". Well exactly - the long cutscenes served to tie up loose ends, and the story was much more interesting. I think "too much story/cutscenes" is better than having none and it not feeling like a MGS game.

Even with it's huge open world, superior gameplay and options, MGSV still feels incomplete (and it probably was considering everything we heard about Konami vs. Kojima). MGS4 feels more complete in a way that is important to the series, despite it having way less gameplay.

gameseveryday1122d ago

My order:


MGS5 > MGS 3 > MGS PW > MGS > MGS 2 > MGS 4


MGS3 > MGS > MGS 4 > MGS PW = MGS 2 > MGS 5

UserNameIsNotTaken1122d ago

What's wrong with MGS4's gameplay that puts it in last?

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