Metal Gear Solid Shadow Moses Unreal Engine 4 Remake - Solid Snake Model Showcased + New Screenshots

iRamGamer has released some new screenshots, showcasing the in-game model of Solid Snake for his amazing Metal Gear Solid Shadow Mosses remake in Unreal Engine 4.

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breakpad1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

it s generally based on HD young Snake model from MGS4..that s good...i didnt like the MGSV face of Snake

Eamon1101d ago

MGS5's artstyle is supposed to be realistic, which is why Big Boss' face shape is quite different.

Haven't finished MGS5 yet. And I've totaled like 120 hours so far :O

breakpad1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

^ yeah exactly thats why i like the more anime based MGS4 chars...MGS series always had strong ties with anime and it is one of its major pros IMO... making Boss resemble and ordinary realistic soldier, it becomes more and more a COD type game which is bad

WitWolfy1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Prepared for the most blunt ending you ever seen. Makes ME3's ending look poetic in comparison.

Negativecool1101d ago

These are great if done by an inexperienced amateur. Good on you for learning and contributing to the gamine community. I don't really want to insult anyone here if that's the case...but...Shadow Moses in MGS4 was far better graphically.
To only indicate in the title that these screens made possible by Unreal's new engine is almost an insult to what UE4 can do. In the hands of an experienced pro Shadow Moses and Snake would look FAR better than this.

iRamGamer1101d ago

All the pictures that you can see in that publication are early Stage WIP. Here you have a link with more of them (Most of them finished):

Snake is also a WIP. And about the MGS4... Well, that was a game with hundreeds of people working on it with 50 millions of dollars invested. ;) Kind regards.

Eamon1101d ago

Those screens look pretty amazing.

inveni01101d ago

Sorry, but I agree with Negativecool. This is great for someone learning to use 3D game tools like Unreal. But it's definitely not news worthy. It seems like people think [X] Remade in Unreal means it's going to be cool or something.

I'd compare it to macaroni. In the hands of a skilled chef, it's delicious. But give it to a five year old to glue to a sheet of paper, and it doesn't taste so good anymore. We'd still tell the five year old "good job," but we wouldn't want to eat it. And we probably wouldn't tell anyone else to eat it either.

Musio831100d ago

Inveni0. Your comment is useless, meaningless and destructive. You don't bring anything, you just insult thw work. I have been working with UDK for 5 years and thos work is GOOD for just one person. Have you even looked the pictures from flickr? Do you think ypu are some kind of expert? Do you know that this project has been shared by A LOT of online magazines? Do you also know that Kojima official account has shared it? Are you saying that all of them (including Kojima) are wrong and you are right? You are nothing, you are just a hater who maybe are jealous or something. So stfu.

inveni01100d ago


I've seen famous people share fan art made with macaroni, too. I'm not being destructive, I'm being honest. I'm sorry you're so personally attached to this.

Yes, I am an expert. I'm a software engineer who is currently employed in the games industry. I get paid good money as a Level 3 Project Lead, and I've never seen a pro do something like this. This is not professional quality. The pros I work with do way better than this, even if they're the only person working on the project.

Like I said, it's good for someone learning the ropes of game and content creation. But it doesn't deserve to be exalted. It's fan art and nothing more. I don't care how many people share it.

If you think the only people who are allowed to voice opinions are people who agree with you, then YOU are the one bringing nothing to the discussion. At least I'm prepared to offer a different perspective.

iRamGamer1100d ago

Come on guys, stop fighting... Everyone is completely free to say whatever they think/want. I know my work doesn't have a AAA quality. I've been working with UDK for 2 months (more or less) now, and I'm trying to improve day after day as much as I can. There will be people who like it, people who don't and people who hate it AND it's completely normal. Kind regards.

Braid1100d ago


Thank you for your passion and your hard work, you've been doing great so far. I wonder if you'll be providing us with a demo that involves playable Snake, your first-person demo is great and I'd really love to roam around with the Snake model, if that's possible by your end.

Keep up the good work, MGS fans are always the best.

inveni01100d ago


Like I said, it's great for someone just starting out with UDK, which you are. So keep it up!

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UNKLE1101d ago

Snake face is looks like an APE face its made me laugh this is nothing like old mgs snake face was,Snake should be look more to artwork.

MetroidFREAK211101d ago

I just want Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to be backwards compatible. I really want to play MGS2 again

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