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There's a lot of value for money in Black Ops III, that's undeniable. You get the campaign, the multiplayer suite, the new Zombies mode, and the free running courses. The campaign is a bit messy, and the terminator robots are unnerving in their relentlessness at times, but it's serviceable. It's just a shame the story from Black Ops II doesn't carry over, and that many of the great features of the older game have been dropped. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I think I like Black Ops II better.

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retrogamer091124d ago

That campaign was an absolute mess. Just all over the place. And the multiplayer isn't even that good. I hate to follow the pack, but they really need build a new engine, put the games back into the present day or the past, and hire someone to redo these campaigns.

Unreal011124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

No, the campaign isn't a mess at all lol. And the multiplayer is decent, the majority will agree there.

If you don't want to follow the pack then why are you? You knew what to expect with a Call Of Duty game by now, so why did you even buy it?

81BX1123d ago

The campaign is a mess. Tiered of wasting time on missions (realistic mode) and one of us getting kicked half way through

spicelicka1124d ago

What's stupid is because it was developed separately Advanced warfare last year had a brand new engine which looks way better than this.

SolidGear31123d ago

Advanced Warfare has the most realistic graphics I've ever scene outside of Beyond: Two Souls. I seriously felt like I was watching a movie half the time.

Elda1123d ago

I'm having fun playing it.