First Look At Grand Kingdom On The PS Vita

Spike Chunsoft has released a demo for its upcoming role-playing game Grand Kingdom for the PS Vita and PS4 on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

The Grand Kingdom Lite Version has a size of 1.267 MB and its save data can be carried over to the full version. I Play PS Vita has downloaded the PS Vita demo and captured some screenshots and gameplay footage of the game’s story mode.

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awdevoftw1098d ago

this would be great to bring over from japan. the vita is the undisputed king of JRPGs.

eyeDEVOUR1098d ago

I love my vita but its hardly the jrpg king. Ps1,snes or psp has it beat except for the fact that i can play a ton of the psp and ps1 jrpgs on it but they're not native to the system.

On topic: This game does look interesting though. I like the lane system and the friendly fire aspect. Cant stand the world map navigation though.