The IGEA Top Ten Chart powered by NPD - Australia Week 44

Xbox One exclusive, Halo 5: Guardians tops the All Platforms Chart for Week 44.

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Bigpappy1097d ago

Halo tops all charts in U.S, UK and Au. That's not bad for a console so far behind in numbers sold. Shows a community that like their big exclusives.

phantomxll1096d ago

Yet people said it only did well in the US and UK... myth busted!

Septic1096d ago

I really do think Halo deserves the sales. Its a great entry but crucuailly for me, 343 did something amazing adn that's sort out the multiplayer.

Hopefully for Halo 6 they deliver a great SP and MP.

I still haven't completed the campaign because
(1) I'm doing it on Legendary and

(2) I'm playing with THIS GUY: